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Can some things make a person more appealing than what they really are?

Asked by Plentylove09 (113points) August 8th, 2020
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What are some physical things or things in general that can make a woman more appealing/attractive than what she really is?

I know some people say high self esteem, confidence, but I’m asking beside this.

For example: Do you think that wearing cute in fashion clothes, high heels, can make her more appealing and better looking to others?

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In general, I think presenting yourself in a put-together (even fashionable) way with properly fitting clothes can be read by others to mean that you value yourself and have at least some things in your life “figured out” or “put together.” And yes, I think that can seem attractive.

There’s also an idea that clothing is an opportunity to express aspects of your personality, (or in a professional setting, to express your job/role,) which can help you seem more approachable to people.

I do want to push back on this idea that it makes you “more” appealing/attractive than you “really” are, though. It’s not as if you are more “truly” or “essentially” yourself if you were to wear less fashionable or less well-fitting clothes… I’m not “more” myself when I’m wearing sweatpants at home, and I’m not less “really” myself when I am wearing a dress when I go to work. They’re all just clothes, and it’s all still “me.”

You might look at the clothes you wear as an opportunity to emphasize those aspects of your personality (or body) that you feel are most appealing—just realize they are still your attributes… and that’s a beautiful thing!

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Tourists seem better wearing a Canadian flag on their backpack. Having ones shit together is attractive.

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Superficially yes. Tan, nice clothes, nails, great make up, hair, nice perfume, slender usually, etc… If you can afford couture then by all means do it.
Many people say a smile, a fun personality and intelligence are attractive.
I think women who are strong and make their own bank are admirable. Many of my male friends appreciate someone who doesn’t rely on them for income or constant attention, too.

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Physically being tidy, well put together and taking good care of yourself so that you appear healthy are things that can make anyone look more attractive. Ultimately, though, attraction is much more complex than that and most of us actually want to be desired for who we are… not just how we look. Our personality plays a huge role in how attractive we are to others and also in the type of people we’ll attract.

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A healthy lifestyle avoid looking like “models” with makeup etc
What type of man do you wish to attract?

If you want a sexy man dress sexy, but that is something that is not lasting in a committed relationship.

If you want a dependable man who will be there for you and is smart,healthy and good looking ( to you) then that is what you dress for.

If one dresses like a “s….t” that is what you will attract.
If one dresses for a career job ( refined clothes suitable for the career choice that you want, you will attract others like that as well.

It depends on your preferred lifestyle choices and goals.
Get those first before trying to land a man.

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There are so many types of people and cultures and people that are in different stages of life (college vs working single parent for example) that these questions become really vague.

But….no worries because we’ve all had these questions.
And my general advice is basic stuff:
Hygiene, form fitting clothes, and just knowing what you personally want.

There was a really old picture of basketball players in suits from the 90s compared to now.

People in suits long ago were always baggy and hung off of even the most physically fit people, no matter how great you are, a baggy loose suit is always unattractive lol. But now….a person wearing a suit that fits them makes them look like a billion dollars, just from getting rid of that excess baggage.

Its the same with clothes for anyone. I used to think hoodies were better large and baggy, because I thought it was “warmer”. But all it did was make me look like a criminal haha.
Now, a medium hoodie feels a bit tighter on me, but its just “snug” and makes me look great.
Little things like that go a long way.

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I heard a really good quote a long time ago that was basically “Confidence is accepting that not everyone will like you, and being ok with that.”

So for example if I hit on a woman, and get rejected, I don’t get mad at the woman. I simply accept her wishes and move on: “Hey no problem im sorry if I bothered you, have a good day.”

It’s about knowing her not liking you is in no way an attack on your personal character or who you are. You dont make it internal, its all external because she was her own individual, just as you are your own individual.

A relationship isn’t a person owning another person. It is 2 individuals coming together because they both want to be with each other. So you don’t chase people who don’t want you, you seek out someone that does want you. There’s less work done by both parties because they both want to be in each others lives.

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Have you seen Steve Mnuchin and his wife?

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The one thing you can wear that makes everyone more appealing is a smile. You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

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Seems like you are asking “Can I fake my way to being liked?”.

That’s false advertising. Eventually the truth comes out.

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If someone want to be different with themselves, te be someone better, it’s ok. Fake it to make it. It works for men and women. And, many celebrities do this.

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I believe a genuine smile makes a person more appealing. If you are blessed with dimples than it makes the smile look even better. I say genuine because I have known people who smile a lot but you can tell by their body posture or eyes that the smile is fake. But when a person gives you a genuine smile you can’t help but smile back. Even babies can recognize a fake smile.

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