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Will you be watching the RNC?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) August 23rd, 2020
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Just curious.

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No need. The news outlets will be covering everything.

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No, I don’t think so. I didn’t watch the DNC either. I enjoy discussing political issues but watching party politics on stage isn’t my cup of tea.

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I didn’t expect to watch much of the DNC, and ended up watching most of it (I fast forwarded thru Billie Ellish and other such nonsense).
I will probably not watch the RNC, but will pay attention to the news coverage.

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Probably not. Same thing with the DNC. My dad watches FOX and they cover everything, so I’ll see snippets.

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No, I didn’t watch the DNC. I’m sure there will be enough sound bites that I can get the feel for what is being said.

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No. I have no need to watch the Trump Family Variety Show presented by MyPillow.

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No. I watch Stephen Colbert and he always breaks things down and shows clips.

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I’ll watch some of it including Trump’s speech.

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No, I don’t care for the hoopla of political conventions and, in particular, I would not be able to stomach the RNC. I will check the news and watch the clips that they give.

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No. I’d rather slam my testicles in a drawer.

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Yes; I’ll be watching.

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I’ll probably catch some of it, but I have no burning desire to spend more time on either party’s Boom Boom Ra Ra speeches.

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