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How would you pronounce Canaan?

Asked by LostInParadise (29303points) August 24th, 2020
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I have been watching some videos from Khan Academy dealing with history. Generally speaking, I have a high regard for Khan’s videos, particularly those teaching math.

The history videos give a good quick historical overview, but Salman sometimes mispronounces words, which can be a bit irritating. For example, he pronounces viscount the way it is spelled. I just watched a video dealing with the Jewish religion, and he pronounced Canaan the same way you pronounce cannon. That did not seem right, so I did a Web search and found that the pronunciation was wrong, but so was mine.

You can find the correct pronunciation here

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We have a ski resort in my state named Canaan Valley.
Here it is pronounced Ka-nane.

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I pronounce it almost the same way as @filmfann. Long a first syllable; second syllable the aa is pronounced “nin”. kay-nin.

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I always thought it was “Kay-nan”

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It would rhyme if I said “It’s rainin’ in Canaan.”

The anglicized versions of biblical names make no pretense of sounding as they do in their original languages.

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You guys all got it right.

@chyna, I did a Web search on pronunciation of Canaan Valley, and the story goes that the person who originally named mispronounced it. Link

I had thought that the correct pronunciation was for the first “a” to be short, the double “a” pronounced as a short “o”, with the stress on the second syllable.

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Thanks! That’s very interesting.

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Nope. In Hebrew school and my growing up it was always pronounced Ke-nah-on. Don’t know if that’s right or not.

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I just sent a Q to my two Jewish scholar brothers. Will report on what they say.

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Here’s the answer from one of the top Jewish scholars in the world:

“Depends whether you’re speaking Hebrew or English. In Hebrew you’re right; in English people say Kaynen. Jews should say Kena’an.”

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Thanks for that. I must have also heard it that way in Hebrew school. It is not a word that comes up often in conversation.

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cane ann with accent on the cane

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Isreal is also often pronounced differently.
Is real

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And viscount is vi-count. Why?

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^^^^^But visqueen is pronounced vis-queen.

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Somebody tell @KNOWITALL how to spell Israel.

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If you’re asking about the towns of Canaan and New Canaan, CT, the answer is KAY-nan.

As for the bible, I’ve always heard kah-NON.

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Not me @Jeruba! I ain’t telling her!

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@Jeruba Rough day, sorry.

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But everyone knows how to pronounce Israelites

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@zenvelo Now I’m bopping!

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“Caesar” is another spelling that gets mangled constantly.

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Regarding the pronunciation of Israel, the Hebrew pronunciation is yis-raw-ALE.

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Here in NY, I’m right next to the town of New Canaan, which we pronounce KAY nan.

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