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Have you ever been so frustrated that you walked out on an activity?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) August 26th, 2020
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Like a job or a game?
I have several times:

In a practice quiz game people where buzzing in before the question went up. I walked out.

When someone used a cheat code in a Street Fighter arcade I walked out.

I walked out when my Christmas holiday was given away to a new employee.

I walked out of a baseball game when I wasn’t allowed to read the rules and I was struck out when after the fact the umpire thought that I bunted on a second strike? I took my left-handed mitt and walked to my dad and told him that I quit and we went home.

I walked out in special ed on the first day when I asked to learn calculus and they said no. I was told to spin for fun. I walked back to my desk in my old class and no one asked any questions of me.

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Calculus is pretty advanced. No school is going to teach it to you just because you ask. You have to have pretty much mastered algebra before you can move on to calculus. And most elementary school level teachers aren’t even equipped to teach it.

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I walked out of a hospital emergency room – before Covid. I had already been triaged and admitted and was placed in a hallway, fitted with EKG leads, and waited for a room. From there I could hear and see the staff and other patients and watch their treatment. The place was not overly busy but the lack of professionalism and even basic hygiene was so poor I seriously had doubts about my safety.
After 2 hours of seeing no one I pulled my leads off and after stopping at the front desk and asked if I could leave. Since I had not been hooked to a monitor, no blood was drawn, and there was no police escort so I was free to go.
I walked out.

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I had my son in T ball when he was younger. He was the best player on the team. One day, however, a couple of parents turned into real assholes over something. I walked out onto the field, took my son by the hand, and we walked out. The team was not happy, but I didn’t care.

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I walked out prior to a job interview. I’d arrived about 10 minutes ahead; not too early, but with a responsible and punctual margin. I sat there for more than an hour after the scheduled time. Nobody came out to apologize for the inconvenience, explain the delay, or tell me how much longer. If a company would treat a job candidate so carelessly, why would I think that employees are given any more respect and courtesy? I asked the receptionist to tell the interviewer how long I’d sat there and why I’d left; I don’t know whether this ever happened, but it felt good to hold my head up high and walk away.

I walked out of a new employee training session (a part-time job that I didn’t need and wanted to do for experience). We were given copies of a large personnel manual, which the boss proceeded to read to us…every page, word-by-word. He didn’t hit the highlights or mention important topics; he read, out loud, while we followed along. After about 2 unpaid hours of this, I decided that I didn’t want to work for this man or his company. (A mid-level boss, annoyed that I was leaving, harshly said, “The meeting isn’t finished.” I replied, “But I’m finished.”)

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I hate, hate, hate that, when they pass out something that’s written down, then proceed to read it, word for word, without adding anything, or expounding.

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I walked out on two jobs in my younger years. No regrets. It’s better not to burn bridges generally speaking, but sometimes the situation is so egregious, you have to stand up for yourself. Life’s too short to be miserable.

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@LuckyGuy I did the same thing under identical circumstances! We RULE! ~{8^)

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@smudges I didn’t get a bill. Did you? I also detailed the experience and sent it to the hospital’s “customer service” department. No one called me back.

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@LuckyGuy Nope, no bill. I didn’t contact them, just never went to that hospital again. Btw, it was Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), “a national nonprofit health system with headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. CHI is a nonprofit, faith-based health system formed in 1996 through the consolidation of three Catholic health systems. It is one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

So it wasn’t just some little hospital. They do not have a good reputation in my state – physicians and nurses, and probably others, leave them all the time.

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