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What ever happened to the U.S. defense bill that Trump threatened to veto?

Asked by LostInParadise (29137points) August 27th, 2020
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The bill required the renaming of military bases named after Confederates. Trump had said that he would veto the bill if it contained that provision. The defense bill passed in July by much more than a veto-proof bipartisan majority. Did it make it to Trump’s desk? The defense spending bill is one of high importance.

This would be a tough decision for Trump. He absolutely hates losing at anything, but his core supporters may expect a veto.

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The House and Senate bills may not have been reconciled yet, though both contained the base renaming clause. Link. I can’t find anything more recent.

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According to The Hill trump has gone from saying that he “will” veto to he “might” veto. It seems that the Reps aren’t backing trump on this one and are pushing back I also noticed that it says the bill passed the House onJuly 21, 2020, but doesn’t mention the Senate. My guess is that the Senate is sitting on it until after the election when they can do as they damn well please

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The Senate passed their version of the bill by a rather large margin, 86 to 14. Link My guess is that Trump will end up signing it. It would be rather embarrassing if his veto got overridden. He would end up really looking like a racist with nobody to back him up.

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If I read it right, the Reps were threatening to override his veto themselves without any help from the Dems. I know he enjoys being spanked, but I think that’s one spanking he wouldn’t be looking forward to receiving

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