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If you had to change the type of vehicle you drive, what would you switch to?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21197points) September 2nd, 2020
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If you drive only a car, would you switch to a truck or a suv?
Maybe a mini van?
I drive a pickup if I had to I could see myself in a suv.

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Electric bike. I don’t fit in anything else from being big and tall.

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From what??^

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@SQUEEKY2 Walking and taking Taxis. My driver’s license was canceled because I couldn’t afford a medical assessment. I failed the free dementia test that the doctor gave me. The doctor gave me a $100 refund from the tests, and refused to administer the mental competency driving assessment.

I put the $100 in groceries. Earlier this year before Covid19 was a thing.

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We just changed back to a car from an SUV. I like both. My SUV wasn’t very high off the ground so it was fine. I don’t like to have to get into a seat that is very high or very low.

I like having a regular trunk. I feel like it invites less theft, I don’t know if that is statistically true. I did have a cover for my hatch with my SUV so you couldn’t see what was back there. I like the trunk being more protected from the heat of the sun with a regular car, but I live in a hot climate. Some people like that the hatch gets air conditioned, because we are in a hot climate. Depends how you look at it and use it.

I have a truck and the space is great, but I don’t like driving such a large vehicle usually. Also, again with the trunk situation sometimes it’s not ideal, but gives you many more options than a car or SUV if you transport a lot of stuff.

If I had just one vehicle, I would probably get a convertible that has back seats. Not sure.

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Haha, @JLeslie, I am just the opposite related to car height. I prefer to climb in, and be taller on the road, then let gravity help me out after I’ve stiffened up. When I drove regular cars, I hated falling in and climbing out.

I also like a car with more room, as I always seem to be hauling around bigger stuff.

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@canidmajor Interesting. The car we bought is a largish sedan. I would have bought a smaller one if not for my husband really liking this car. I like to not have to be so careful parking in a space or opening my car door. Some of the roads here are country roads with no shoulder and I like to have a lot of room in the lane, especially since there are a lot of pick-up trucks coming at me from the opposite direction no median. Some people want to be in bigger vehicles for more protection, but I want a smaller vehicle hoping to avoid a collision on those roads.

I don’t want to fall into or out of any vehicle in any extreme getting in and out, but I do understand preferring to step up into a vehicle rather than falling down into one. My Porsche, which is very low to the ground and a large door, is a pain to get in and out of. More reason to park away from other cars. There is always someone who has an entire empty parking lot and chooses to park right next to the sports car. Why? I’m not parking further out to be obnoxious, I’m parking over there to be able to get in and out of my car without worrying about hitting another car with my door.

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I can’t decide but something sporty and not too low or high. Almost got a Jeep but they are not as comfy for a 40-something haha! Maybe a nice truck with upgrades, used.

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I like what I have now, but I’m interested in an electric vehicle. My dad has a Tesla and I’ve driven it before and I love it. It seems like there are more and more places to charge them too.

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I need a pick-up truck for the biz. It is a Nissan 2X4 with a 6½” bed. I would like to have a full size 4X4 pick up with a 8’ bed, and a 350” V-8.

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A truck like that @kritiper you would be lucky to get 18miles per gallon, this day and age if it doesn’t get minimum 25 miles per gallon the average person can’t afford to drive it.

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@SQUEEKY2 I thought I was talking about me…
My little Nissan only gets about 20 MPG, in town, so it wouldn’t matter much. I used to have a full sized pick-up and it was great! (It was a 69 and only got 12 MPG, in town, which was really good for a truck that old.)

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My 2017 Nissan gets a lot better than 20mpg in town and it’s a 4X4.

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