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Was the news story about five boats sinking at a Trump water parade in Texas true?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31337points) September 6th, 2020
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Or is this representative of the underwater state of the Trump campaign? Sinking fast….

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Yep, it was true, Very much an analogy to Trump social structure. The rich people on big boats led the parade, and their wakes sunk the smaller middle class boats following along.

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That’s about normal isn’t it,the wealthy go first and destroy everything else.

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No injuries. No foul. Looks like a lot of fun.

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@gondwanalon – B-B-But property destruction!! They should have all stood their ground!

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I thought it was hilarious! So appropriate!

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Wait, they’ll get a bill for clean-up of gas and oil in the water !

No wait Trump defunded them (EPA and Clean Water Act) over the last couple of years . SMDH

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You would THINK that the religious zealots would see it as a sign and wise up!

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Too many idiots (probably drunken ones at that) running too fast and too close to one another. This was bound to end badly.

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Man. I saw a huge banner in front of a house a bit ago that read “Trump 2020. Keep America great!” I thought….WTH kind of alternate universe do you people live in??

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@Dutchess_III WTH kind of alternate universe do you people live in??

This proves my theory that there really is no such thing as objective reality!~

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