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How the heck do you play Free Cell?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) September 14th, 2020
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I play Microsoft solitaire and I cannot understand the tutorial for free cell it seems. I somewhat understand the game, but the only times I have won is when I randomly clicked cards until I won.

I know the concept is similar to Klondike except all the cards are face up and you have 4 free spaces, but some parts confused me.

If I have a red king on it’s own and that’s it, and in another cascade I have a black queen, red jack, ect all alternating until I get to a 2, why can’t I move that to the king? it won’t let me. I would be able to in Klondike but not in Free Cell. Seems weird. I know I should be able to move it and I can’t and it gets frustrating.
It will let me move a black queen + a red jack to a red king, but more than 2 or 3 cards at a time it won’t let me.

How do I play and what’s a good strategy??

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You need to have enough open spaces to be able to move them one at a time (as opposed to pulling the whole stack.

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So I can only move one card at a time? That’s what the internet says but I swear Microsoft lets me move 2 or 3 at a time

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There is a solitaire game called “Free Cell”. The solitaire games is called “Solitaire Forever”.
really like it.

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The number of cards you move at one time varies depending on space available, as determined by the computer. With experience, you learn when you can move and how many cards.

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You can move multiple cards, if the open cells and columns would accommodate it.
For example, if you have three open cells, and one open column, you could move 8 cards at once (3 cards fill the open cells, the a card fills the open column. The cells go on top of the column, then refill. Then, the final card moves to the destination column, then they fill in behind.)

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LOL…. I’ve had the same lack of success getting a handle on how to play Free Cell. It’s rather comforting to know I’m not the only one tho’ I’ve yet to figure out why any logic for it eludes me so successfully.

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@AlaskaTundrea Yeah it’s so weird because I am really good at Klondike, and Free Cell is very similar in concept just slightly different rules.

@filmfann Okay I think I get it. I need to put cards in the free cells to move a stack like that too

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The way I win most of the time is by trying to get most of the Aces up first and do as @filmfann said above. But when fishing for aces, think of kings and queens and jacks just as important in helping created a descending columm. Aces are you ascending column. Creating enough of Ascending and descending columns increases you chances of winning.

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