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How do I find the value of a set of Coke a Cola metal stadium chairs no one else has?

Asked by GoingToSnap (13points) September 19th, 2020
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I purchased a set of 3 stacking metal Coke a Cola chairs over 20 yrs. ago at a yard sale, and knew they were special.
They are stadium chairs with the raised Coke emblem and each one has a seat number. Only problem is I can not find any others like them anywhere. Despite searching the internet and local shops for over 2 yrs.
Anyone know of them, or know how to place a value on them?

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I found this Coca~Cola memorabilia link. Don’t know IF it will provide you with any further info or not. By any chance have you checked eBay??? I’ve had luck in locating prices there on items that I’ve had in the past.

I also bumped into this Wiki(Allentown) link. This link will take you to a page where you need to click on the Allentown or Johannesburg Park link for further info. I was assuming tat yours possibly came from the Allentown PA park, but who knows, you might get lucky & they came out of the Johannesburg park. IF nothing else, you might find some info to contact the park & maybe somebody there can give you more info.

Another suggestion…put them up for auction on eBay & see IF you can get a bidding frenzy going. IF the bids stay too low, you can always pull the auction. IF you’re lucky, a few Coke enthusiasts will keep upping the bid to where you make a handsome profit.

Don’t know IF any of this is helpful but, hopefully it will give you some new ideas in your thought process. Whatever happens…GOOD LUCK!!!

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