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Why does my laptop take a while to start up?

Recently, when I turn on my laptop, the screen is black for five whole minutes (I timed it) until the Lenovo logo comes on and Windows boots. There’s no trouble with booting Windows after the Lenovo logo pops up. Once the logo shows up, everything is fine. But I wonder why it’s taking a while now to get to that point. Typically, I used to turn on the laptop and the Lenovo logo would appear instantly, booting the laptop immediately.

I turned off many startup programs a long time ago to prevent slowing down the startup, and there’s nothing new I installed. I looked online and tried something with the virtual memory under performance but that didn’t work.

There’s nothing else “wrong” with my laptop. The speed is fine and everything else checks out after a system check. But for some reason it just takes a while to get to the booting screen.

I have a Lenovo Edge 2 with Windows 10.

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