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Why Are Most Boxer Shorts So Uncomfortable?

Asked by oli150194 (52points) October 7th, 2020
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Help me out here please if you can. So I usually buy quite nice branded underwear which claims to do all of this and all of that but they are so uncomfortable. I can be sitting there doing absolutely nothing and they would ride up and up like they are being eaten. Does anyone know of any good, comfortable fitting boxers? What do people recommend? (apart from going commando)

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Why not wear briefs if boxers are uncomfortable?

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Try boxer briefs. I like them.

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Depends on your butt.

I personally find boxers far more comfortable that briefs because they are airier and less binding. But that’s me.

And I buy cheapies – JC Penney Stratford series. No reason to pay big bucks for expensive boxers when the simple cotton will do the job.

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I have worn boxers since I was in high school, the boys don’t like the confinement of briefs. And I have worn Patagonia boxers for over 15 years, nice and silky and comfy.

If they are riding up on you, maybe your pants are too tight.

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Well, that’s why I wear boxer-briefs: the perfect balance between freedom and confinement. And they don’t ride up if they’re the right size.

I do own some boxers though. I wear them only with shorts and only when I’m feeling very casual. Boxers can ride up more if they’re too big or, as @zenvelo said, the pants you’re wearing are too tight.

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Sounds like you need a beeger boxer.

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This is the most comfortable brand we have found, branded as the softest made, and we’ve tried all the good brand names from Hanes to Tommy Hilfiger long briefs.
If someone has tried these and found something even better, PLEASE let me know!

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@KNOWITALL Thanks for that site. I LOVE leggings and they have some fun ones!

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@smudges It’s a great product in my experience. Enjoy.

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I stopped wearing briefs in high school. Have worn various brands of boxer underwear over the last 55 years. I don’t recall every having a problem with boxers.

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I find boxers to be super comfortable, unless I gain weight. They they start riding and chaffing and cutting off circulation.
I suggest trying a larger size.

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