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Which "team" will make more attempts at voter fraud this election?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40183points) November 2nd, 2020
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I feel so strongly about the sanctity of our election system I signed up months ago to be poll worker/inspector. I went through the training, passed the tests and will be working tomorrow.
In my country there are 3 ways for registered voters to vote: absentee ballot, early voting and in person, election day voting.
If someone mails an absentee ballot and then goes to the polling booth on election day either by mistake or attempted fraud, the in-person vote will automatically cancel the mail in vote.
And the attempt/error will be flagged and recorded.

We will see if the rhetoric spewed by a candidate campaigning in North Carolina will encourage people to try, even if it is illegal – and pointless.

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If you count all the voter suppression tactics employed by both the republican party and their voters, like slowing down the mail service, trying to invalidate already cast votes by the hundreds of thousands, trying to invalidate votes by limiting the time votes can be counted, drumpf supporters clogging up highways so people can not get to the booths in time, and antimaskers holding up the lines at the voting stations, it is pretty clear which “team” is doing most of the fraud.

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@ragingloli You missed a couple of other things: massive purging of the voter rolls , reducing number of polling places in poorer areas, requiring released prisoners to pay all fees before they can vote and Voter ID laws that make it difficult for poor folk to vote. Otherwise I agree with your list.

And it’s not just us saying this:

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Election fraud is rare. The only recent race I can think of where it affected the outcome was the 2018 North Carolina 9th congressional district election. The results were thrown out and seven Republicans have been indicted for crimes.

What is not rare is Republican vote suppression as noted above. Republicans have already gone to court to throw away ballots in Texas, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Also, Trump is instilling anger in his fans and encouraging them to intimidate and threaten Democrats. I expect incidents at the polls where “self-appointed armed “poll watchers get violent.

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Republicans are out in front for attempts of all kinds.

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I worked all day yesterday – 5 am until 10 pm – as a poll worker /election Inspector. Out of the approximately 350 people that I personally logged in, I had 0, zero, cases of someone attempting to vote twice by either mailing in a ballot, or early voting, and then voting in person. ZERO. That made me proud.

There was one legal, but sleazy, incident. In NY, no one is permitted to post signs or campaign within a certain distance from the polls. That locations s clearly marked. One candidate set up signs and had a couple of people standing and sitting on lawn chairs just outside the legal distance. They were asked to move but set up again a few feet away. So many voters complained about the behavior I am convinced it worked against them. They left on their own after one of the building maintenance workers told them what was happening inside..

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And now you have armed right wing mobs trying to break into the counting stations to stop the count and deprive voters of their votes, just because they do not like the potential outcome.

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^ I really wish someone would invade us. This is the kind of stuff the US pretends happens elsewhere so that it can justify its imperial foreign policy (by invading or supporting coups).

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