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I'm looking for retro music of the '80s perfectly loopable.

Asked by luigirovatti (2826points) November 8th, 2020
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“Death Rape 2000” by Motorslug loops at the end.

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I don’t know any specific loopable tracks but “Synthwave” may be a keyword you want to play with.

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@Zaku: No, maybe I should’ve explained myself better. I mean, when you go to YouTube, and see a video, you can loop a video by just right-clicking the window and selecting “loop”. So, I mean a song whose end can perfectly be looped to the beginning, let’s say. I’m saying this, because the song you gave me was different because it made the same sounds over and over, but inside the song. I just want beginning and end of song perfectly loopable.

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Another thing you didn’t ask for but might be useful/interesting to you is this site with 502 80s loop samples .

As for music, the theme for the TV show Air Wolf immediately comes to mind as a song that is more or less a loop.

Looking at your example track, it also occurs to me that there are 80’s video game music themes that could also work, if you don’t mind that style.

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@Zaku: I won’t mind for sure. Do show me.

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Here’s just a taste:

Atari Necromancer music (an eerie round)

Atari ST Archipelagos music

Atari Ballblazer music (the game randomizes it a bit… but this is one recording)

Atari ST Gods music

C64 Eidolon music (fades at end but wouldn’t need to)

Atari ST Torvak the Barbarian music tracks

A bunch of Atari ST computer game music

A bunch of Atari 8-bit computer game music

A bunch of Atari demo music (because there’s no way you’ve heard enough Atari music yet!)

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