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Spore Authentication?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) September 7th, 2008
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My friend wants to get spore (he’s not a flutherite), but he plans on getting a mac next year. I’ve read the box and it says one authentication per game. Can he install it on his pc and authorize it, then deauthorize it on the pc and register it on the mac when he gets it? Or can he only register it one time ever? Would it be best to wait and just put it on the mac? Please only answer if you know for a fact. We don’t want to risk it!!

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who would know better ? fluther or the developer ? just send them an email, that’s the easiest way really

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yeah, the problem is I thought the developer would take a while to reply. I emailed them. This game looks so fun it’s all I can do to not just try and risk it! haha!

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patience then… guys like adobe are kind enough to switch your licence, but others i’m not sure about

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You need to read Spore’s End User License Ageement (aka SLA).

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Where can I find the SLA?

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Is there a read me on the install? Otherwise on the spore website?

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According to the font of all knowledge EA will reset the activation count on a case by case basis.

sorry couldn’t get the link to the spore page to work properly

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Is the license agreement the same as the one for the creature creator? I did manage to find that one, and it’ll let you register 3 computers….

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I just asked someone who works for EA. There are three authentications per game.

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thanks! question answered! =D

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Also, you can call customer service if you run out of them. =)

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