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Americans: Will you be shopping in stores for Black Friday?

Asked by JLeslie (64657points) November 22nd, 2020
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This Q is mainly targeted at people who usually do shop on Black Friday, but you can also answer regarding Christmas shopping in general.

Will you be going to stores to buy gifts or even for yourself to take advantage of Christmas sales?

Will covid keep you away from in-person shopping altogether?

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I will pretty much be avoiding shopping in stores altogether this year because of Covid. I might go into one or two local businesses, early in the day, to acquire a few things, but mostly I’ll be making stuff for people this year.

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Hell no. Never have never will. Everything goes on sale and stays on sale up until New Years.

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No. I never do Black Friday in any case but especially not this year. I think it’s being de-emphasized by the stores in any case.

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Last year I went to the mall with my daughter and her friends on Black Friday, but it wasn’t early in the day when there were big crowds and it wasn’t for me to shop – it was more for the girls to meet up and walk around like they do, and I sat with the moms in the Food Court

This year I might take my daughter and her friends out, and if they want to go to the mall I’ll take them but I won’t shop. I do most of my shopping online and lately I have limited my shopping list to a few people. When I do shop in stores, it’s places like Costco where prices are more practical.

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Nope. Never do. I’ve been shopping fully online for a number of years anyway. I really dislike shopping, so anything to make it simpler and crowd free.

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No. People are not careful about wearing masks and washing their hands. Amazingly, I know some doctors and nurses that aren’t careful. I see their Facebook posts where they are partying with big groups without masks. No Black Friday deal is worth me getting Covid.

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No, probably not. I have done Black Friday shopping before, but largely for the festive ambience at an upscale place like the Stanford Shopping Center. You wouldn’t see me getting trampled to buy an LCD TV at Wal Mart. But this year I’ll probably skip it altogether. My Christmas shopping will be 95% online.

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My custom for decades has been never to even leave the house on so-called Black Friday (which sounds more than ever like a day to catch the plague). Ironically, this might be a quieter shopping day out there than an ordinary day.

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@Jeruba It’s my limited impression that stores are ratcheting down on the idea of Black Friday this year. I’ve seen car ads at least wherein they talk about sales going on all month.

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I was sent a questionnaire from Walmart about whether I planned to shop in-store on Black Friday and if I knew about the sales they will be having. It also asked about cyber sales. I had basically forgotten about Black Friday until that quiz popped up, it was about ten days ago. I don’t need to buy any gifts. I do need to buy a new laptop, so maybe I should try to take advantage of a sale, but I won’t be doing it on Friday.

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Hell to the No.

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I will go to Costco at some point that weekend. It may be Friday, or it may be Saturday. It depends on how I feel. They will have a very good bargain on macadamia nuts, and I will buy a lot.

The virus is controlled here, and I feel safe. We all wear masks. The stores limit the number of people who can get in. We’re civilized.

I feel safe enough I’ll likely ride the bus to Costco, because I do not feel safe in their parking lot.

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No no way !

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Nope. Christmas presents this year are going to consist of cash in a Christmas card.

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My mom loved Black Friday and she drug me around with her every year. Once mom passed, I swore off Black Friday. This year I will especially avoid Black Friday in person. I might do some BF online shopping just to see what is available. I’m needing a new laptop and if any store offers a really good deal, I might purchase and have delivered to my home

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Really. The sales seem to be the same discount from Black Friday through the end of the year.

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Omg. Is this even happening this year? How outrageous. I am down to one shift between both of my jobs per week now with the new restrictions in place. And people are going to crowd into stores to buy unnecessary things? So funny…so so funny in the saddest way haha.

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@deni I’m really not sure how the stores will be. I think there will definitely be people who go out shopping, especially some places more than others, but I feel sure it will be less than most years.

I talked to a few retail friends and they confirmed their stores won’t have the really extreme long Christmas time hours, which I’m very glad about.

I hope none of the stores are doing those specials at store opening where people line up. That seems extremely irresponsible with the current situation

All stores and restaurants are open where I live. Some have abbreviated schedules, but the big chains are very close to regular hours.

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Well, as my Old Pappy always said, why let a pandemic get into the way of making a buck?

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No way. Even if Covid wasn’t happening, going to a store when there’s tons of people fighting over products sounds like a really shitty time. My serenity is more valuable than a few bucks saved.

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I don’t do Black Friday shopping. It has always been worth it to me to pay a bit more than deal with a mass group of savage idiots and false sales. For expensive items, I shop ahead of Black Friday or after the New Year when they are trying to get rid of inventory and most certainly, with Covid I will avoid shopping. Most of my items are usually bought online.

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I think a lot of stores are doing Black Friday prices all week long, or longer than this week, to prevent crowds on Black Friday. A friend works at Home Depot and she told me there’s no reason for people to rush in on Friday because the store is offering those prices all week.

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