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If there were really so many fraudulent ballots cast, why don't more Republicans have a problem with the House and Senate results?

Asked by Irukandji (4158points) November 28th, 2020
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We don’t see a lot of complaining about the House and Senate results from Trump, Republican politicians, or even rank and file Republican voters. If anything, we see efforts to hurry up the certification of those results. It’s only the presidential election that they are contesting. But why? If the top line votes are questionable, aren’t the down-ballot race votes questionable too? The elections all used the same ballots, after all.

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The presidential griping was a made-up Kabuki theater.

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That’s an excellent point. How did the Democrats steal the Presidency, yet forget to steal the Senate and evict Republicans from the House?

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Your question assumes some Republican logic in their complaints.

Logic has been missing from the GOP for at least ten years.

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Because “If X then Y” involves logic, not just wishful thinking?

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@zenvelo “Logic has been missing from the GOP for at least ten years.”

I blame John McCain in no small part for that. His uplifting of Sarah Palin has had an absolutely ruinous effect on the intellectual wing of American conservatism.

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In these cases I like to defer to the simplest explanation, which is that these are the actual results of the election. :)

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Because, with regard to the presidential election, the republicans are… (wait for it)... lying.

I know, shocking.

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An excellent point made with your rhetorical question.

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Selective something or other. I’m sure there is a psychological term for it.

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I don’t actually see many republicans complaining. I see Trump and a few of his loyalists complaining.

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I think your question raises some very interesting possibilities. One that I have heard is that there were ballots with just the one race voted on )for Biden, of course). However, until such claims are thoroughly investigated, which may be never, we are stuck with the results. And I think the results indicate a repudiation of Trumpian and Democratic excesses. The voters have basically said: We are fine with leave well enough alone!

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^^^^ TRUMP LOST ! ^^^^ @crazyguy

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—A variation on what so many republicans said after the 2016 election:—

Face It
Donald Lost
(It’ll be okay)

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