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What positive things have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

Asked by janbb (59052points) December 4th, 2020
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New interests? Rituals? Ways of coping? Enjoyment of solitude?

Anything else?

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That I CAN refrain from rolling my eyes when someone does or says something stupid. This is important now because that’s all people see of me with my mask on.
But I am doing good by being alone most of the time. I was getting depressed in the beginning, but got over it. I keep busy when I’m at home and when I need to hear a voice, I call a friend.

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I’ve learned how important social interaction is for my mental health. Even though I’m an introvert, the inability to physically be with my friends and family hurts.

I’d like to think I’ll take this lesson into next year when we can (hopefully) get together again. I really need to hug these people and spend more time with them all.

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I’ve learned I get tired of dressing up like the Lone Ranger just to go to a damn store or pick up my grand children from school. Is it over yet? I never want to look at a freaking mask again.

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@Nomore_lockout Positive things?

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Positive things from a pandemic? Well, I’m still breathing. That positive enough?

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I learned some much-needed lessons about staying calm when others make irresponsible choices. I also learned that my husband and I are remarkably pandemic-compatible. We had only one disagreement about what is safe to do in all these months.

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I’ll have to get back to you on that. Not my strong suit today, thinking in the abstract.

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I have been pleasantly surprised at the freedom that comes with not having to deal with deadlines and the expectations of others. Though I do miss the interactions with friends and family, there is great peace in not having them constantly underfoot. I can spend the day in my underwear if I choose. The house is SO quiet now. The spare bedrooms remain peacefully unoccupied, and household chores and expenses have plummeted. The wife and others are alarmed at my slug like attitude, and regard it as some sort of proof on my “failing faculties”. She has resumed her pattern of frequent road trips and expeditions while I hide blissfully at home. In many respects, I’ve never felt more satisfied. The novelty of doing nothing has not worn off for me, and it’s the first time in my life I’ve felt free to get away with it. I know it cannot last. The wife is after me this very moment to cross the bridge to Oakland, (which will be the first time for me since February) to pick up a fancy freezer. The song is playing in my head “tote dat barge, lift dat bale.”—there’s always someone ready to put you to work. Misery LOVES company.

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I realized that a lot of my communication is through facial expressions. I’ve been doing more verbal communication now.

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