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How are you expecting your Christmas, Chanukah and winter holidays will be different this year, or are you anticipating visiting like normal?

Are you expecting Chanukah, Christmas and other winter holidays to be like other years or are you anticipating remote visits via Zoom or phone? Do you enjoy solitude during the holidays?

I stayed home with my daughter on Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed it. I have a few friends that are insisting on gift exchanges this year and I’m not sure what the plans will be for exchanging. If it were up to me, we’d not do gifts at all, as I don’t need anything and if I want something, I just buy it. Last year, I asked a friend if she would consider not exchanging, and she said she really looks forward to getting gifts from me. Flattering, but my thought was “ugh.”

For Christmas itself, I’d be very happy to stay home with my daughter.

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