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What is your dream vacation?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26575points) December 6th, 2020
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As asked. Thanks.

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To take our 5th wheel to the Pacific Northwest for 2 months.

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I’ve already done it, but I’m going to do it again next winter. Following Caravan on tour around England and hanging out with the band.

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Camera safari in East Africa. I know, I know, wont ever happen. Don’t burden me with realty.

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I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. My BIL and sister used to be part owners in a New Zealand fishing lodge (lived in Connecticut but would visit every third year).

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Waking up on Jan 21, 2021, to the fact that Joe Biden was sworn in as President yesterday & I now have my life back. 45 didn’t get his do-over…As close to Heaven as I’ll ever get without actually dying!!!

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To go to a sports bar and have 100 chicken wings and a pitcher of coke.

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I’ve had most of the dream vacations I want already, my dream is just to be able to have some of them again when this is over. Painting en plein air in various rural parts of France, a mini-van trip to the island of Skye, a week in a cottage rental in Cornwall, an apartment rental and Christmas with my French grandkids in Montmartre, a house on a lake in Maine. Just want more of them again!

I would like to see Scandinavia and more of Italy. I’ve been to Ireland but would go back there in a heartbeat. And I’d like to take that scenic train trip across the Canadian Rockies.

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The dream vacation is to spend several weeks traveling around India. The SO has already been, and fortunately is willing to go back.

His dream vacation is a week or more in Vienna/Salzburg and attend classical concerts.

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@LadyMarissa That’s quite a fanciful dream! But not a vacation.

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Go Hobie Cat 16 sailing around the Greek Islands and go long distance canoe paddling in Tahiti.

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@Yellowdog That’s exactly WHY you won’t be invited to join me on MY vacation!!! Even 45 has accepted his fate. WHY would a man who really believes that he can flip this election even think of making plans to run in 2024???

Actually, MY dream is to live until election day 2024 so I can vote against him one MORE time!!! Yes, many might forget 2020; but, I won’t be one of them!!!

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I would like to go to Iceland because my husband wants to go so bad. I would love to see him so happy.

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This summer (2020), my plan was for us to go to Scotland. So Scotland/England is one. I’ve been to Ireland a few times, and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s never been. Very easy to get around by public transportation there, and the people are very nice and welcoming.

I’ve been all up and down the California coast but my other dream is Oregon/Washington, British Columbia.

What sucked was that in the past few years, since my daughter is now big enough to handle and appreciate an “adult” type of vacation, we’ve been stuck with going according to the school schedule. Late last summer I got passports for us, but it was too late to plan and go anywhere summer of 2019. Now this summer was the Covid, restricting everything.

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I would like to travel across and up and down the United States in a nice motorhome, and camp in National Parks, and find delicious vegetarian food everywhere I go, and blog about it.

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When I live in a northern climate my answer is always warm weather and palm trees, preferably by near a beach.

Since I currently live in Florida my answer is the mountains. I’d like to go to Banff or somewhere in Wyoming or Montana. I’d want to stay in a nice hotel, but it doesn’t have to be 5 star Ritz Carlton or anything, and walk some trails, take a boat ride or kayak, or if it is winter go snow mobiling. Go to some local museums and tourist attractions.

I probably would not plan my next trip to those places though unless covid has something to say about it. My husband has wanted to go to Germany and Ireland for years, so one of those two would actually make me happy, because I want to see him happy. I would like both. I’ve been to Germany, but not yet to Ireland.

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I love the rainforest, and Costa Rica is basically the perfect holiday location for me. There’s plenty of comfort, such as drinking milkshakes in a hammock, but you can also go explore and have all sorts of adventures. I went ziplining and white-water rafting when I visited. There’s so much more to do still.

I would also love to spend more time in actual, deep snow. With a sauna in my house and some sled dogs for transportation.

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@LadyMarissa…you don’t have to invite @Yellowdog. Whether he likes it or not he’ll be part of your “vacation.” Everyone in the world will be.

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@LadyMarissa I’ll be there at the inauguration. :)

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Par tay of the century!

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All the answers here made me want to buy a lotto ticket so I can play Santa and turn all your vacation dreams into reality. Right now I just want to get on a plane! Don’t care much where it’s heading. lol

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I would like to explore Patagonia.

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@mazingerz88 When my vacay comes true, I’m going to feel like I have already won the lottery!!!

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