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Hypothetical Question: Would you play Russian Roulette with a 100 chamber revolver with 1 single bullet. For a winning prize of $5 million if you survive?

Asked by Kraigmo (8562points) December 11th, 2020
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So the odds of death would be 1 out of 100.
For that risk, would you go after the $5 million?

I know you realize my underlying point. I know i’m not fooling anyone. But i’m interested in your answer.

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Yes (assuming I trusted it was an accurately-represented situation), but I can only guess what you imagine “your underlying point” might be. I suspect I probably would not agree with it, given your tags.

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No. Plus, I think my revolver is more like 10 in 100.

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No – I’m fairly risk-averse and money is not a great motivator for me. I have enough for my needs.

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No. But I feel like I’m playing Russian Roulette every time I drive my car. Seems like half the drivers are out to kill me with their tailgating, unsafe lane changes and blowing through stop signs.

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How many spins do I get? One? Do I get to spin? Yes, I would.

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If I only have to shoot one time, I would; if it’s an ongoing game, nope.

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No. Walking away from $5 million wouldn’t cost me anything; it was never mine. I might not walk away from a bullet.

I haven’t tried to ferret out your underlying point. Tell us if you want to.

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Pretty sure it’s the chance you have of dying of Covid.

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@Dutchess_III If that’s what they are talking about, that is very flawed. Your chance of dying from Covid depends on your age and underlying health.

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And exposure, @anniereborn. The one factor we do have a little control over. Why so many people are opting out of exerting that control just baffles me.

But nobody is going to pay us anything to risk it. Rather, it’s going to cost us in ways we never agreed to pay.

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I know that @anniereborn. Zaku knows it too.

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No. Money is the root of all evil. I can be happy without it and miserable with it. I don’t make bets that I can’t cover. I have 2 people who love and depend on me, so I don’t see it as worth the risk

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The spin you get doesn’t take into consideration just getting sick from COVID, and how bad that could be.

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