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Has lockdown boredom driven you to do something foolish you regret - Or inspired you to take risks you're proud of ?

Asked by JLoon (5202points) December 17th, 2020
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Neither. My vice of choice has been the compilation of a thin journal on the Trump years, which perforce must be expanded to catalogue exactly why he is unquestionably responsible for the gravity of our upcoming “plague” years.

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Neither as well, being a home owner and am NEVER bored.

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I’ve watched over 200 classic movies for the first time during quarantine. Not sure which category that falls under lol.

But I’m glad I’m learning more about film history, I read about the making of the film afterwards and it gives me a lot of insight on filmmaking.

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Last April I paid $130 for a 1972 Hobie Cat sailboat that was a total wreck (hulls an decks ripped up from sitting on rocks and sails chewed up by rodents). Used a lot of fiberglass, resin, and gel coat. Spent 2 months repairing it. I never sailed before but had fun learning. Sail it a lot last summer. Looking forward to sailing it again this next spring and summer

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No, if anything I’m more careful and conservative, physically and financially. Just living through 2020 has been risk enough for me, I won’t add to it.

When this done I may go buck wild though. Ha!

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No. I’ve listened to lectures on art history, watched plays and movies online, taken walks and cooked and baked a lot. I’ve been careful about my eating, even though I snack a lot so that I haven’t gained weight. And I keep in touch with friends online, on Zoom and on the phone.

I’m also involved with my faith congregation in committee meetings and social events via Zoom. Tonight I’m leading a poetry reading round table.

I miss going to movies, to the gym, out to eat and to local live music events but I’m pretty much ok.

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I started wearing joggers to work. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I never would have worn them in public pre Covid.

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@janbb: The nice thing about this whole period in history is museum tours online, plays and musicals online, house tours online, so many things! Many of them being free is a bonus.

I remembered that I asked a question about it recently and I just checked to see when. It was during the summer, and it was concerning what changes that have occurred would you like to see remain when everything goes back to the way it was (or something worded similarly).

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@jca2 Agree.

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What boredom? With all my grand kids I don’t have time to be bored. And me and the two year old guy have really bonded, so anytime he gets in trouble he runs to Paw Paw (me). He’s always telling off on someone to me.

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Yes. I did a lot of unhealthy things and now I owe over 5 grand

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@SergeantQueen – Yikes!
I don’t think they’ve got a vaccine for that problem.

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