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Poof! You wake up tomorrow and Covid is completely gone. What are the first 3 things you will do?

Asked by chyna (46823points) December 18th, 2020
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My top 3:
1. I will throw away all these masks before I go blind. They are always up in my eyes.
2. I will see my family.
3. I will go to a Mexican restaurant with friends.
What is on your wish list?

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1) Go to a buffet.
2) buy clothes for big and tall me.
3) go to the library.

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1. hug my sister
2. hug my mother
3. hug my father

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Plan a trip.

Get in touch with family for a visit.

I can’t think of a 3rd off hand.

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1. Hug my kid.
2. Hug my kid
3. Hug @_____ ’s sister (gently)

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Go to Aquacise tomorrow.
Book a trip to California to hug my kids.
Go to the movies.

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Sign up for outrigger canoe races
Go canoe paddling with my club in 6-man canoes
Go canoe paddling in my 3-man canoe

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Go on a party
Stop wearing mask to work
Go to work

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Order some bat-meat on Ali Express.

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Burn my masks. All but one.

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Take a shower.
Get dressed.
Go out to breakfast.

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Go out to dinner with my husband
Go to the movies
Visit my sister and give her tons of hugs

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1: Go see the kids and grandkids (we have a new grandson I’ve only seen once).
2: Disneyland
3: Go to the Chinese buffet.

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Go see my mom. I was able to see her in person once in the past 3 months, because we thought she only had a few days left on Earth. She’s hanging on, but we’re back to standing outside and waving through a window.

Other than that, I have no big priorities. I will be thrilled for all the businesses that can restart.

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Go out for my meal to a great restaurant.
Visit all friends and family in person.
Go shopping and actually try items on.

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Eat at a restaurant

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@elbanditoroso: I’m saving my masks because you never know if another virus will come along. I’ll be prepared!

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Trash a damn mask. Trash another damn mask. Trash yet one more stinking freaking mask.

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Funny, I don’t love the masks but they don’t bother me as much as they seem to do others.

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@Nomore_lockout Guarantee you they’ll be around awhile, don’t pitch them too soon.

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I fear you’re correct @KNOWITALL

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(1) Pound my shoes into the ground;

(2) Brush my teeth;

(3) Go into the kitchen and hide in the sink.

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1. Brush my teeth
2. Get dressed.
3. Coffee

But the things I most want to do that don’t work well currently include restaurants, movie theaters, and travel. Hanging out in a coffee shop would also be nice.

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I haven’t changed my routine, so that would stay the same.
I would take my grandsons to the store for clothes. They have outgrown everything.

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Throw away my mask and face shield (I now have to wear both to work)

Eat out

Go to a movie

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Go back to my art class.

Go back to my yoga class.

Make a lunch date with a friend.

Keeping the masks, though, just in case.

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Go to the gym

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Go see my girlfriend Doris.

Call my parents and sister to see if they want to come visit.

Plan a trip.

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