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What old news have you just discovered?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19822points) December 20th, 2020
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I just found out that Kurt Cobain was in Nirvana. I didn’t know who he was other than that he committed suicide in 1994 untill now.
I loved “Smells like teen Spirit” and Weird Als “Smells like Nirvana”.

What about you? What old news have you just realised? Good or bad news?

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Discovered thorough researching for many years that “that bastard line” that our family line descended from was from the 1300 – 1500 century.

Little to make an impact on our present day lives.

Cantankerous Grandfather could not get over that and tainted his life and descendants after him as well.
When at age 16 years old he informed all of us visiting that we were all
He was wrong.
but right centuries before.

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Just discovered this guy. I have heard about Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, but I have never heard about this guy, and I’m so surprised because he was one really big figure of the war. I only know about him because a book I’m interested in has a cover with him on it.

He sounds like a really great person, and to be honest reading about his death literally brought me to tears.

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