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Which Woody Allen film is the most feel-good movie?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27505points) December 27th, 2020
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As asked. Thanks.

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“Play it Again, Sam” is my favorite.

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I have not seen them all but of the ones I have seen, I do find “Sleeper” to be most memorable. The “VW” and “Orgasmatron” scenes still make me smile.

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I think “Midnight in Paris” is probably my favorite now, although Woody Allen makes me gag at this point. I like his first “Take the Money and Run” a lot too.

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Thanks jellies for the input!

I decided to add to my only Allen movie collection so far Midnight in Paris. I’m a longtime fan but will not get all his films just a few select ones.

I’m revisiting all of them to see which ones. Thanks again.

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Feel good? Most Woody Allen movies have a bit of melancholy.
I love Woody Allen films, but I would be hard pressed to refer to any of them as feel good. Woody himself has said he regards Bob Hope movies that way, and I agree.
Maybe Radio Days or What’s Up Tiger Lily?.
My favorites are Manhattan, Annie Hall, and Broadway Danny Rose, but they all are a bit sad.

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The one that made me really laugh out loud a lot was Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex. (but were afraid to ask.)

It was better than the book.

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@filmfann Didn’t Broadway Danny Rose end on a happy note? I think.

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@mazingerz88. Absolutely not! Huge downer ending.

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Ok so he didn’t get the girl then. Maybe the last shot was the female lead walking by that delicatessen? And it was just fanciful wishful thinking happy ending imagination that he went after her. Oh well.

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He didn’t get the girl. He lost his long time client that he’d been guiding, just before his now ex-client hit it big. He stoops to a level he mocked earlier in the film.

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^^Thank you. I don’t think I need to revisit this film at this point.

With regards to the ending of another movie, ( SPOILER ALERT ) Match Point, would I be correct if I say he got away with it?

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