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If you are members of any facebook groups, do you actively participate or lurk in the comments?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) December 28th, 2020
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I mainly lurk in the comments, I’m too paranoid my “friends” will see what I post and I don’t want them knowing what groups I’m a part of.

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Very active in a few groups and almost never post anything in most groups.

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I pay close attention to what groups are public and also what friends are in the groups. Groups that I do post in, I will often check the member list to see what friends of mine are in there.

I’m also conscientious about commenting on posts from friends that have mutual friends.

It all makes me self conscious about what I write, depending on what friends are in the groups.

Some group posts and friend posts, I click on “follow” if I’m interested in the discussion.

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I use to mostly just read the mail. Now I stay completely off fb. fb has censored my posts and I’ve been personally attacked by my fb “friends” just because I present a different political point of view than them. Also people I don’t know all gang up on me and demonize me. And there is no way for me to defend myself against the madness. fb is pretty much a crazy liberal kaleidoscope. Creepy. I don’t need that. Fluther is far more civilized.

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@gondwanalon Facebook censored what you wrote? Or, checked a link or photo before allowing it? I haven’t seen any evidence of Facebook censoring a person’s opinion.

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I will participate if I feel like it. I’m not ashamed of the groups I follow, or the opinions I hold. Facebook is, for me, connection and entertainment, mostly an echo chamber by design where I am happy to let my nerd flag fly. But then, I am old enough now to really not give a rat’s ass (or any other rat part, for that matter) about how people on social media will perceive me.

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I’m only in a few groups and they are Boxers, dogs in general and a few Vendor groups to sell my jewelry. So I don’t care what I say, it’s always nice stuff about dogs.

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My congregation has a private FB group wherein I post a fair bit; I comment occasionally on a few others and have become inactive in many others that I joined and found annoying.

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@JLeslie On 2 occasions I offered medical doctors and world authority virologists testimony to back up what I posted that were blocked. I was not allowed to defend what I wrote. Meanwhile I get attacked. Madness!

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I’m in some celebrity drama groups. I mostly lurk there because I don’t want people who know me to know I’m there and I just don’t have anything to add to the conversation. I mostly just there to eavesdrop on the latest updates nowhere else on the Internet has.

But the thing with celebrity drama groups is that they get stale after a while. Usually the thing that draw people to a group is a major drama of a celebrity. And when the heat dies down, the group disintegrates into just attack on the celebrity for random things other than the drama that draws people in in the first place. This is when I just drift off and forget about the group.

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@gondwanalon Did you check to see if the links eventually were allowed? I’ve had photos and video suspended as soon as I post them and shortly after they are allowed. Some were just my own personal video of nothing close to political.

Facebook bans and deletes certain information in coordination with the FBI and CIA. Facebook writes code to trace back to the original source. I met someone who used to do the work.

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I post if I have something worth contributing. I don’t care who sees it. I already know that Face Book is a gold mine for Alphabet Agencies and Identity thieves, a risk I’ll take to have fun and keep up with my friends. Six of one, a half dozen of the other. As my old pappy used to say.

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I tend to be fairly careful with what I write on Fluther, too. I try to be aware that if, at any time, it gets out who I am, I wouldn’t want a lot of my thoughts and beliefs posted publicly. Now, with people in other places “out for blood” about what’s on the internet, I’d rather just follow and keep a lot to myself.

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@JLeslie I’m so done with fb. Done with the predatory advertising. Done with the restrictions and censorship. Done with all the lame and boring attacks on me. Done with the aggravation. Done with wasting my time. Fluther is much more interesting to me. I leave the fb “messenger” active so my true friends can communicate with me.

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Several cooking and BBQ FB pages, active posting on them. Member of a couple of “secret” FB pages post on those too.

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I’m supposedly in 30–40+ groups, and rarely see anything from most of them because of how Facebook works/fails. I don’t visit FB every day, and only look at some things when I do (because it’s an infinite and mostly irrelevant time sink). Mostly I just read what’s thrown before me, and sometimes skim through the recent posts in some of them. I will sometimes reply if/when I have something to say about a post I see and have some interest in. I occasionally post in some of the groups, but only when I have something particularly appropriate to post. I do more posting to my own feed, mostly sharing non-original posts.

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@gondwanalon I wasn’t trying to convince you to stay on facebook. Many downsides to facebook. I just question whether the average user is really having their opinions modded.

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I always assume what I post on the internet isn’t private.

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