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Can you get into a full lotus position?

Asked by LostInParadise (29137points) December 28th, 2020
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I have started incorporating the position into my morning meditation. I can only hold the pose for a few minutes, but I do find it relaxing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the lotus position, here is a description. It is sort of like folding your arms but using your legs instead. I don’t feel pain in my knees or lower back. The biggest problem is that my feet start to feel numb.

I knew someone who said that the reason he could not get into a lotus position was that his legs were too muscular. I don’t know if that is a legitimate excuse.

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I can’t do full lotus comfortably.

I have always found Burmese meditation posture works best for me.

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I will have to give it a try

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I can not even do a primary lotus.

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I could when I was a kid.

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Yoga wasn’t even invented back then.

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In your dreams. Belly gets in the way.

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No, not a chance now, but I never could even as a kid. My knees have always wanted to bend in the opposite direction. And so it goes.

I heard a student ask a Zen teacher once, “What do you get for meditation?”

The teacher said, “Sore knees.”

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Mom took us to yoga/meditation classes in 1972 or so.

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Not in BC.

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Not in fifty years.

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It was part of the hippie movement @ragingloli.

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@Dutchess_III Yoga has been used for at least 2,000 years, and more likely 3–5,000 years.

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I know that @crazyguy1. But the hippies popularized it in America in the 60s, when they were dropping out and tuning up. Or something.

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In order to sit cross-legged (not full or even half-lotus) I have to warm up my ankles and knees by doing half-butterflies on each side and then a full butterfly for a few minutes each. Then I can get into a sort of cross-legged pose. My pranayama, which is a breathing exercise, lasts about 10 minutes; I am in a bit of agony throughout. Then, it takes me a full minute or two before I can stand up again.

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I just tried and the answer is… YES!
But it sure was painful. I had to stretch for a few minutes and do it on the carpet because the pressure hurt my ankle.

Back in my youth I could get into full Lotus and walk on my knees.

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in college I’d sit in the lotus position to play cards on the floor.

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I can get the finger up but it’s nowhere near the thumb.

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I can’t because of strain on my medial collateral ligament.

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Doesn’t appear so, no. I still have some of my childhood flexibility but it’s waned over the years. Luckily I can still do a cartwheel. I think I’ll refrain from testing my ability to do a backflip again, though. :)

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@Dutchess_III How long can you stay in full lotus or half-lotus or even just cross-legged now?

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@crazyguy1 I know you are asking @Dutchess_III but I’ll answer anyway.
I can sit cross-legged for a long time. My grandson sits there while I read a couple of books to him so that is my incentive to sit that way regularly. His 25 pounds is gentle pressure.
Lotus takes more effort and is painful.

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@LuckyGuy Thanks for your answer. The Lotus position strains the knees and hamstrings more; I do not even try it any more. Some days when I can manage the 10 minutes or so of sitting cross-legged for my pranayama without too much discomfort, I’ll try a half-lotus. But I realize right away, I need much looser hamstrings before I can do even that.

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A grandchild plopped on your crotch will stretch things out for you – whether you want it or not..
If I’m lazy and don’t make a tight leg crossing, the “family jewels” can instantly become painful pancakes. He does not mess around when he yells: “Read book!” and plops down!

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As I stated above, I can’t do a full lotus or a half lotus anymore.
When I was younger I could hold it for as long as necessary.

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@LuckyGuy I understand fully. I have SIX, five who no longer plop down and the sixth one who still likes to plop!

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