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Will baked goods stay fresh wile being shipped?

Asked by socialfly26 (212points) January 4th, 2021
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I’m looking to start a bakery but in light of the Pandemic I can’t open a brick and mortar store so I thought about doing an online platform to begin and once I’m able go to a brick and mortar location.

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Check local laws for making food, in my state you’d need a commercial bakery and food license for mailing out food.

You can’t just make it in your home kitchen and sell it.

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Ok thank you

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Don’t package it while still warm. The steam will cause it to mold quickly.

My mother sold decorated cakes from home. She had enough of a following she could have done it full time. She learned that in our state, if you make over a certain amount you have to charge and pay tax. Worse, the kitchen would have to pass a health inspection, which gets so particular about every detail, we would have had to buy all new appliances.

Since every state has its own requirements.

Are you hoping to get in on the small business stimulus? As I understand it, that is for business already started.

Anyway, your best move is to contact your local small business association. They will have the information you need.

Good luck!

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Not likely that they’ll survive the mail, unless you get your formulas down to a T, and use plenty of freshening additives. Little Debbies and wonderbread survive in plastics forever, but you can’t possibly compete with their price point. You can make this model work, but you really should just make local sales. Sell high quality, fresh baked goods to cafes and bookstores and the like and build your brand up slowly.

And yes, check applicable laws in your area, and check in with your local SBDC or equivalent group.

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Certified kitchen or commissary may have rental time available. But you have to follow their rules for use. Had a friend that had a catering truck; mostly sandwiches and salads, he made them at a fraternal lodge building’s kitchen. Boy, that was thirty or more years ago.

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@Tropical_Willie – I’ll bet it’s even easier to find a fraternal organization with an available kitchen these days, with membership falling.

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