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What ever happened to Motown music?

Asked by LostInParadise (29137points) January 27th, 2021
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Some of the younger jellies may not even know what Motown music is, but for a time in the 60’s they were quite a dominant force, particularly the Supremes. Now they seem to have disappeared. There are no reunions and nobody covers their songs. It is as if we went from jazz to rock to rap with nothing in between.

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Try your local PBS station at fundraising time. There are always DooWop and Motown music reunion concerts. And there are many documentaries about the various bands and the history of Motown. There aren’t any current Motown bands but there’s plenty of remnants around.

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Just like all things 70, it faded away. It’s a shame. It was such good music, too. It got run over by computerized, synthesized electronic music starting in the mid 80s.

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And by the stupid disco craze of the 70s as well.

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Disco Sucked.

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@Dutchess_III Sure as hell did!

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Like everything else in this Universe it had its time and its time has passed.

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The continuing popularity of Motown music is also evidenced in such musicals as “Ain’t Too Proud” about the Temptations and “Motown: the Musical” on Broadway. Motown Records was owned by Berry Gordy who promoted the groups and yes, eventually, the genre faded.

Funnily enough, when it was really popular in the 60s, I didn’t like it being more into folk music and then classic rock. But now I really enjoy it as well as still loving the other genres.

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Disco rocks, in my book.

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It’s around, if you want to find it. Many radio stations catering to Black listeners have Motown radio hours. There is a Motown-inspired kids show (I think it’s on Netflix). The musicals @janbb mentioned. I am sure there is so much more…

Growing up (mid 80s through mid 90s), we listened to Motown music (played on the radio on Saturday mornings) while we cleaned the house. It’s still my favorite way to clean.

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@Cupcake When I’m in a really happy, dancey mood, I put on my Motown collection CDs. (Or Bruce).

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Motown morphed into the R&B of the seventies.

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