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In your opinion, what are the factors that lead one to judge a profession, that you know very little about, as either "too easy" and "not a real job", as opposed to "that is way too complicated for me"?

Asked by ragingloli (49282points) February 4th, 2021
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As asked.

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People are too quick to judge. They have no experience in the job and they think they know all the pressures and requirements that come with it, and often they are clueless. Moreover, I think some people feel better about themselves when they look down on others. It could be looking down on someone very high on the ladder or lower on the ladder, it doesn’t matter.

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People are assholes.

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I look for misspellings on name tags.

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Lack of demonstrable output. There are jobs where people “manage” areas but don’t produce anything except opinions; no new processes, no creation, nothing physical or tangible. The don;t sell, they don’t even produce reports or evaluations.

I had a boss like that, passed everyone’s work off as his. He eventually got canned.

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Common sense and integrity. .

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I’m trying to figure out if this is a question about the desirability of a job. Instead of “too easy” or “not a real job”, nearly always my assessment is “I don’t wanna do that”. Isn’t that the case with you loli?

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“Oh, you’re a librarian. I love books. You must read all day!”

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Have you ever bumped into anyone who left you with the impression they believed librarian wasn’t a “real” job?

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“Money for nothin” that ain’t workin”

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haha, GQ. My job gets that all the time. I never assume a job is ‘easy’ unless I’ve done it.

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Every job I’ve had (except for teaching) involved extensive computer work.
More than once I was accused of “playing” on my computer.

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No qualifications required could be a factor in some easy professions eg. talking heads.

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