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Is it wrong to order out during an extreme cold warning?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23518points) February 7th, 2021
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Is it considerate not to order something that is not a high priority? It is minus 26 Celsius and a high wind chill.

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Tip well.

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Good tip !

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If you were a worker, and no one was calling for take-out, you would be even unhappier because you aren’t earning any money.

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I agree, tip big.

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It’s not wrong. I think restaurants expect more delivery orders when it’s so cold out.

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Not wrong to order, but tip big, like 50%, and don’t get mad if they tell you no, it is too cold.

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@zenvelo Good point. I’ve had that happen actually. Some restaurants don’t deliver in extreme cold or bad weather. Maybe their drivers don’t show up, or maybe just not worth the risk being out in bad weather. Understandable.

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If someone’s out to work delivery and work hard despite the warning you can hardly be wrong to order out.

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Won’t it be cold by the time you get it?

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I would tip very well.
It is 11F, -12C this morning.. In this weather I give a $5 to the person pumping gas.

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