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When you buy eggs, do your cashiers check them for damage before scanning them?

Asked by ragingloli (51265points) February 9th, 2021
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Or is that left up to you?

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Where I live, it’s up to the customer.

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The stores I go to do. But I also check them before I put them in my cart.

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I may have had people check the eggs at a farmers market, but never in a regular store. Whole Foods will put a rubber band around the egg carton, though.

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The customer checks themselves.
@All do you keep them in the refrigerator after buying?

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The cashier never checks. I’ve lived in and bought groceries in many places and have never seen a cashier check the eggs at a supermarket.

@chyna Eggs from commercial farms in America should be refrigerated. The commercial washing process removes the protective layer of the egg.

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I do it, when I pick up the container. Cashiers do the bare minimum .

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Haven’t seen a store cashier check eggs for many years.

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They seem to, yes. At least, I see it more often than not.

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We check them, not the cashier. .

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Only at the farmers markets.

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Only at the organic store.

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I check them. I’ve been waiting for the person stocking the egg section; they asked what size egg I wanted, I told them- – they checked the eggs before they handed the eggs.

Haven’t had the cashier check in the last 20 or more years.

I’ve been buying eggs since I was 9 years old my mom taught me to check.

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No, and I have never seen any that did. I always do it myself, even checking the eggs to make sure they aren’t broken on the bottom.

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Sometimes they do. I always do.

Refrigerator: yes. My mother said you can take one day off the shelf life for every hour that eggs sit out. One of those rules of thumb that I simply never questioned.

You can easily write on an eggshell with a pencil. I write “HB” on the ones I don’t want to mistakenly break into a frying pan, and I mark the ones cracked while boiling so we can use them first.

Once I took an egg to work for lunch without checking for the “HB.” Got a messy surprise at my desk that day and felt like a total idiot.

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My rule about refrigeration is: if the supermarket does not refrigerate them, neither will I.

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@ragingloli Europe treats eggs differently than America. What I mean is commercial eggs are processed differently on the two continents and the health laws are different. I don’t know about Germany specifically, but just a general rule. That’s what usually dictates in the fridge or on the counter.

I’m in Florida, so no matter what I would refrigerate even farm fresh eggs, because my house temp is generally warmer than average anyway, but that’s a side note really.

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I refrigerate even the farm fresh ones because I have a small kitchen and a large rowdy dog, so the fridge is a great place to store somewhat fragile items.

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Never. I always do. I was burned so often back when I was single that I learned to stand at the egg section and examine every egg in the carton. So severe is the trauma from those days, that I will stand there and assemble my own carton from the others available. My kids would love it, til they got old enough to be embarrassed. The boy would disappear, while his younger sister and I went at it with the enthusiasm of hunting for gold.

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I use the self service till at my local supermarket and always check the eggs myself.

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I don’t check them until I reach out to them to cook.

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Storing eggs: which is your profile?

I’m “lawful good.”

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Customer checks them. Luckily I get farm eggs, gross.

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I tend to be chaotic according to @Jeruba’s link. Just trying to keep the carton from being heavy on one end.

Since covid we have been transferring our eggs to an egg holder. The holder I have is stackable, I like the orderliness of it ironically. We will keep doing it going forward.

My egg holder looks like the link below. I’m not sure if this is the same brand. It’s great for deviled eggs for parties.

Also, I found this link about refrigerating eggs. I read something similar years ago. I think it might have been for a Q here.

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Hahaha, @Jeruba, cute. In keeping with my new, pandemic, beige persona, I am true neutral.

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True neutral

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It’s winter, so my hens have stopped laying (other than maybe a couple of eggs a week recently). I have had to start buying eggs again. The market cashier always checks the eggs, even though I check them as well.

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True neutral. I buy mine in boxes of six and use them from right to left. I always buy free range too.

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I alternate. I start in the bottom left. Next is top right. That way the carton stays balanced.

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So you’re ^^ “lawful good” too. Who’d have thought so?

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Why yes. Yes I am.

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I’m chaotic good.

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This is as good as a horoscope.

Oh, sorry, @ragingloli, I didn’t intend to derail your thread about eggs.

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I always check and most cashiers do as well.

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I always check, and the cashiers at my grocery store do too.

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I vary between lawful neutral and true neutral.

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I stack mine vertically into a single ovicular tower.
I’m lawfully insane, i.e., 11 eggs short of an omelette. ;-o

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^^^ LOLL!

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None of the above. I select the eggs to reduce the moment of inertia around the center of mass of the carton. If I remove one egg it will be one of the center ones. The second egg is center but opposite side. The third will be center again. Once the two center rows are empty I will move the outermost eggs in to fill the void. I try to balance the carton so there are no surprises when I reach into the fridge and pull out the carton.
If @Brian1947 is “lawfully insane” I am “certifiably” insane.

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That’s a version of lawful good like me.

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Another difference between @InsanelyLuckyGuy and me is this: my method is pure fantasy, whereas he has actually perfected his in his lab: I call it the Kepler carton!

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