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Haven't you always been socially distant, and worn a mask?

Asked by JLoon (6101points) February 9th, 2021
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But I kind of like being surrounded by mysterious figures… and creepiness.

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I have always liked keeping my distance from others yes, but wearing a mask, well before Covid NO, after Covid Yes.

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When out and about now yes. Since corona virus. A bit distant, before with no mask of course.

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No, this really is me, a stick figure. Yep, that’s the ticket.

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My mask?—whining on the outside, scheming on the inside. I pride myself on bringing out the worst in anybody. Misery loves (make that demands) company.

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Touche. But yes.

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No. Always been outgoing and talkative. Well prior to Covid anyway. A bit more standoffish these days. And yeah, I mask up when I go to to a business.

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Before covid? No. I was very social. I did run the other direction if I thought someone was sick though.

If you mean on fluther—yes, I don’t use my first name and I don’t have my photo as my avatar (I did for a few weeks years ago). I am pretty open about my life though, and love the social aspect of the collective.

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Really!? Where did you see me?

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