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Should a married man text another woman "Happy Valentine's Day"?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) February 16th, 2021
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A guy friend said it’s no harm in texting his ex because they are just friends. They live miles apart and his day is spent with his wife. The text meant nothing.

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If it’s harmless what is wrong?

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Only if it’s his mom or sister.

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It’s really just between him and his wife whether that’s acceptable behavior.

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That’s a matter between him and his wife, not you.

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I don’t think it matter what question I choose to write on here. It’s entertainment stop being so serious on here.

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So are your questions not real questions?

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I didn’t say that but I am saying just because I use someone’s story as a question what is it to you that I am asking a question. This is a message board so of coarse my ideas will come from real situations. That shouldn’t bother you.

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It doesn’t. I was just asking.

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Your response that it didn’t concern me. I am just asking the question on here. Just because I ask a question on here doesn’t me that it concerns me.

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Nope. That wasn’t MY response. Look again.

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Yes you’re correct my apologies. It was the other comments.

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@honeybun35 Sorry, you put it out there, you get what you get back. You don’t get to dictate what the answers should or shouldn’t be unless they are personal attacks.

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I am not understanding your response. It have nothing to do with anything.

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Situationally dependent. I might wish female coworkers a FRIENDLY “Happy Valentine’s Day” and I’m a married man. I wish them a happy 4th of July or St. Patrick’s Day too. It’s different though when it’s a woman with whom I have previously been intimate. Also text messaging is different than verbally wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day in passing.

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I won’t touch that one with a ten foot pole. Nor would I do it. Just me. What any one else does if their own affair. No pun intended.

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Hmm ok.

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