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What do you think of Fauci’s latest pronouncement ?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24153points) February 21st, 2021
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The good doctor predicts that we may still be wearing masks in 2022.

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20 % to 30 % of the US population thinks Bill Gates is going inject a chip into them, so that plus the anti-vaxxers mean less than 70% of the population with have been vaccinated.

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He qualified that statement with discussion of the effects and severity of variants, and a return to near normalcy by the end of this year. It’s a much more complex situation than your black-and-white would indicate.

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I read that statement and thought, “If we are, we are.” I don’t think it meant that we won’t be able to resume a number of our “normal” activities by then.

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He was stressing how important it was to drive the level of virus down. If we fail to drive it down we might still be wearing masks next year.

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In view of our handling of the disease thus far what would you expect in 2022?

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Is North America intelligent enough to actually beat Covid19, or at least get out in front of it?
This is directed to mostly Yankees but we Canucks are guilty as well.
With disbelievers, ant-maskers does this little killer have to just run it’s course and infect and kill who it comes in contact with before it finally goes away?

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Not surprising. There are plenty of idiots that won’t get inoculated and won’t wear masks, so there will be ongoing spread. Add that to the variants being identified.

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I don’r doubt what any of you guys are saying, but I NEVER see anyone without a mask. Often even when outdoors in the middle of nowhere.

From what I see, the number of compliant folks is pretty close to 100%

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@Yellowdog maybe where you are – not here. Was in Home Depot yesterday (where there are signs ‘you must wear a mask’) and I’d say 20% of the people there didn’t have them on.

It may vary geographically and by the demographic in the store.

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In my area, I see 100% compliance in stores but I’m pretty much only going into grocery stores.

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I just had a convo with my friend in Montana. She says it’s pretty good in grocery stores, bad in hardware stores and lots of other places. Of course, Montana’s governor lifted the mask mandate while the citizens are succumbing at a grand rate.

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Folks I see are also 100% compliant, but it wouldn’t shock me in the least if wearing masks in public becomes a permanent fixture for the foreseeable future, even past 2022.

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After all, it’s done in Asia quite a lot and among Asian travelers.

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^^ Yes, exactly.

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