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Math Courses?

Asked by Melody344 (13points) February 27th, 2021
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I am pretty bad at math, specifically beginners algebra and up… I am majoring in Elementary Education and will soon have to take a class called MAT-150 which is called Mathematics for Elementary Education. Now, most students will say that this is more of a review course for basic algebra/geometry, which is what worries me. I CANNOT do algebra/geometry to save my own life. So, does anyone know of any resources I could use to review basic algebra and intermediate algebra/geometry? I honestly need steps SPELLED out to me or I will be stuck on a really easy problem for hours. My professor for that class will help me, however I will need to review before this class even starts for me to pass. They say they will be going over concepts that include set theory, functions, numeration systems, number theory and properties of the natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, ratios, proportions, decimals, and percents. Thank you!

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You’re planning to be an elementary school teacher, which means that you will be with kids that will be learning math concepts. Some kids (accelerated learners) are going to be asking you questions you can’t answer.

I don’t have a real good answer for where to go to learn, other than a bookstore or library that has a basic math section. But this is pretty important stuff to know.

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Do you have to know all that stuff to teach kindergarten or first grade? I’m guessing you won’t. Is there a way to limit what job you can do so you won’t be subject to such rigorous requirements?

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There are some web sites that teach math and other subjects and are programmed to try to help by trying to find the level/subjects you need in a similar way… like Kumon.

There are also tutors you could see… such as the company Kairos Tutoring offers.

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Check out Eddie Woo’s YouTube channel. He’s got a really engaging style.

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Khan Academy has a wide range of courses from elementary school to college level.

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