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What positive changes have you made during the pandemic and will you keep them in the After Time?

Asked by janbb (59052points) March 15th, 2021
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I’ve learned to amuse myself and that I actually crave unscheduled alone time. I do need contact with friends both in person and virtually but I feel it will be a balancing act between social scheduling and feeling relaxed and free.

I’ve enjoyed planning meals and food more carefully and have gotten more strict about using up leftovers. (Although I am looking forward to some restaurant meals again.)

I’ve gotten closer with my granddaughter through weekly Zoom contact.

How about you?

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My outrigger canoe club and canoe races shut down last year. So my wife and I started paddling our two man canoe a lot more. We’re a good team. She steers in the back and I control the outrigger and stroke rate. We paddle long and fast. So much fun with heavy surf.

Also I got started in Hobie Cat 16 sailing last summer and fall. I plan on continuing that for as long as I can. Such a blast!

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I’ve lost about 15 lbs and plan to keep it off, yes.
I’ve gotten a few remodeling jobs around the house done, since I was home more.
I’ve kept the house cleaner, since I wasn’t running around as much.
My stress level has decreased quite a bit, and is probably the best benefit to working from home.

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I’ve really been appreciating the extra sleep and less stress from working only part time in the office.

I’m seriously considering retiring from my full time job and getting something part time in the future. I’ll get a pension, although it will be reduced since I’m young, so it’s been weighing on my mind.

I painted my dining room which would be something that, when working full time with the long daily commute, would have taken me twice as long to accomplish and probably wouldn’t be started for another year or two. Next up: painting the living room.

Two things I would appreciate continuing in the future (but things that are out of my control) is having Zoom as an option to in-person meetings, for example when the book group meets, or there’s a work meeting for members, it’s nice to have the zoom option instead of driving there.

Also that the doctor or dentist has the patient sit in the car and then they call the patient to go in, so there isn’t a packed waiting room. It’s nice that we all appreciate the extra space now and are wary of being loaded in small spaces with strangers.

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Lost 5 pounds plan to keep it off. We cook more homemade meals and eat at home.

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I used to be doing my own things instead of being with my friends but know I’m always finding was to be with them.

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I’ve adapted to being on my own and I have learned to structure my day from dawn until night. I’ve been saving money and I’ve been in more regular contact with my children by phone and Zoom. I have completed a few time-consuming tasks which I would probably never have started if it weren’t for lockdown. I have also subscribed to Netflix and Spotify and I will keep this going I think.

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@janbb I believe I have become a much more positive thinking person. Someone asks how
are you? I answer great! With the numerous situations going on in the world, how can you not be great? It is a decision. And overwhelmingly grateful/thankful for my many blessings!

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@si3tech Agree – not getting Covid and having enough are real blessings.

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Not having to go anywhere has given me more time to take care of things i usually let fall by the wayside. It is a calmer feeling.

I can exercise a little more.
I’ve been practicing certain skills.
I only take one shower a day.
I am more willing to wear clothes a second (or third time) before washing.
I use hand sanitizer more.when I do go out.
I estimate my carbon footprint has been halved.
I have grown to really appreciate “cocooning”.
I have been tipping service people much more.

Most of these practices will continue in the After Time.

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Trying new recipes more. I’ll try to keep doing it, because my husband enjoys it. Positive for the marriage I guess.

I’ll keep zooming with some of my discussion groups if they keep doing it. One group has gone to in-person and zoom now, I hope other groups do that. Some might switch back to all in-person. Time saver, gas saver, pollution saver, and I get to join in on groups that are not in my local area.

I’ll continue to zoom with friends! Especially my friends who live outside of the country. Keeping in touch this way has been very positive.

I’ll continue to use curbside pick-up at my local Neighborhood Walmart. Such a time saver.

I hope businesses, including doctors, stay a little more careful about germs and that we continue to be able to use video appointments. I will continue using that when possible.

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I started exercising again last spring, after not for a decade, and that made enough of a difference I might stick with it.
I de-cluttered a LOT of my stuff and took the time to actually organize it. There is some chance it will stay that way as it’s easier to find stuff and then to put it back in the ‘right place’.

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Here’s one I was talking to my daughter about earlier, we both really appreciate grocery shopping mindfully. Planning for the interval times, which includes some meal plans, debating the value of treats (we are both more likely to make our own, now) not just stopping by for a thing or two on a whim.

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