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Find a map of Europe?

Asked by Jeruba (52087points) March 17th, 2021
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Let’s see if you can find me one, just one, online map of Western Europe that shows countries and cities smaller than capitals and that is an actual viewable map, not a map product, on which I can find, say, Abbeville and Dunkirk and Terneuzen and Namur and Bergen and Utrecht. I want to see Scandinavia and the Low Countries and Deutschland and France and Britain, all of them.

Finding maps is always a huge pain because so few are both legible and detailed. Whenever I read a book with European locations, I want to see where they’re situated and how they relate to one another, to borders, to major geographical features, and so on. It’s remarkably difficult. I typically search and search, of course including Google Maps, and finally just give up.

I’d like to be able to see Eastern Europe too, and all in one would be ideal, but just one would do for starters.

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Sounds like what you want is an actual printed map, not an online map. On line maps are constrained by having to be legible in various formats.

You can order a Map of Europe from National Geographic that has all of what you seek.

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I agree with @zenvelo . You won’t be able to get a map of all of Europe with that level of detail online.

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Online maps; when you expand to all of Western Europe will not showl the detail of:

“Abbeville and Dunkirk and Terneuzen and Namur and Bergen and Utrecht. I want to see Scandinavia and the Low Countries and Deutschland and France and Britain, all of them.”

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I think a big fabulous paper map also, because online it is so tricky to zoom in on a pdf or jpg of a map and it very likely will not everything you want for such a large region.

I am probably stating the obvious, but I like, and you can put in the location you are interested in and also zoom out to see what is around it. If you want to see it in relation to another part of Europe you can put the other city or region in for driving directions and it will show you both places on the map at once. You can use google maps also. You can then print or save that map on your screen if you want to be able to refer to it a lot.

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No, thank you, a paper map is not what I want, which is why I specified online. I don’t want something that takes up half a wall in my room. I want something I can access on a laptop and view in small, continuous pieces. I said it wasn’t easy to find, hence my question.

Here is a map of Russia that is just fine for my purposes. It’s an area much larger than that of Europe. I can get the bigger picture of relationships and then zoom in for particulars. I want to find an online map of Europe that does the same thing.

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@Jeruba We all understood what you were looking for – or at least most of us did. We just didn’t think it was likely to be found. Maybe it is since you have that Russia map.

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Going to that same source, here is the best map of Europe I could find so far. It has cities but it doesn’t go as far as to towns. Since they do it for Russia, I would have thought they would do it for Europe:

I’ll search some more over the next day or so and see if there is something better.

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Aha! I think the difference is not in size but because Russia is one country and Europe several. Going to that same site, which seems to be a good one, I can find you a greatly detailed map of France (and presumably other countries in Europe) by searching for the country name. And indeed Abbeville is on it. I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but it may be the best you can get.

Here’s France:

And with that, this Bonzo is going to bed.

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I still don’t follow what’s wanted and what’s not found.

For example, Google Maps is a map of the entire planet, and it shows all nations and practically every town, even many buildings and businesses. And not only does it show everything, but it’s searchable. What doesn’t satisfy your desires? That it doesn’t color-code the nations?

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This French site covers Europe and the world and is very similar to Mapquest. Link

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