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How long do Microsoft accounts stay locked due to too many unsuccessful login attempts?

Asked by capet (988points) March 17th, 2021
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I have a Microsoft account that I occasionally use. I forgot my password and tried entering a bunch of different passwords, and now my account is locked due to too many unsuccessful attempts.

Today, I think I remembered my password. Will my account ever unlock itself so that I can try again?

(I know that I could use the unlock interface provided by Microsoft, but there are a few variations of my password that I want to try, and I don’t think I can quickly try 3–5 passwords within that interface.)

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Once “locked” that is it ! !

Use the “unlock” interface t To reset password.

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I was locked out of my bank account yesterday because it didn’t like my password attempts. Got in fine today. Try it and see.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks! If I happen to type my password in correctly, will it unlock?

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^^ Why not just try it?

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@janbb Good question. I did! I couldn’t get in. But it would be nice to know whether my failure to get in is due to my still having the wrong password.

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Do a password “Reset” with Microsoft.

Once it is locked you are out, not giving the right password will get you in.

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