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How long have you been on fluther?

Asked by KRD (1828points) March 18th, 2021
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t o o

d a m n

l o n g

(about 13 years)

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Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 years. Think of all the wasted time!

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On and off with various accounts for 12 years.

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Coming up 13 years.

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Nine years.

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13 years!

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Since December 2009

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Since 2012.

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This account, seven years.

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13 years.

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About 12 years. My lurve isn’t as high as some others who have been here as long because I give so many answers that others don’t like. Oh, well, the truth does hurt…

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Too long.

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Your account profile shows your date joined. You can see how long anyone has been here (under their currently active account) and when they last visited. It’s a feature I really like, especially last visit.

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Since 2009 or 2010. A couple of times, I left for a while and then returned with a new identity.

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12½ years. I was just wondering today what the average amount of time is that people remain active on the site. As a rough guess, I would say about 3 or 4 years.

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Joined: June 9th, 2008

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I joined April, 2009. I visited the site prior to that, but was intimidated by the lurve system. I finally joined at the urging of a close friend.

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@filmfann Without naming names, is the person who invited you still here?

I was personally invited as well, but that person is no longer using the site.

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Originally joined in May 2007 and then took a voluntary break a few years ago for maybe 9 months or something like that. When Gail died I rejoined with a new profile name.

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Eleven years, including one break of about a year.

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@flutherother Good point.

I take breaks sometimes, too. Especially when the drama here is high, like the mass exodus, I wasn’t involved and didn’t care to be.

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I think I missed the mass exodus.

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12 years. I started as TallJasperMan.

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11 years! In 2009 I was Yetanotheruser, and kept the handle for a long time. Then about 4 or 5 years ago one of our other old long timers (sadly passed on) started referring to me as Strauss. I took it and ran with it.

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(This should be in Meta.)

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@KNOWITALL My friend stayed about 6 months, then left.

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@KRD I joined in July of 2015.

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Longer than I thought I had. Been an off and on member since 2013.

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12 years – just after being told my prostate was rotten.

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11 years. Wow how time flies!

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A little more than 11 years ago, just after the downfall of Canswerbag.

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Only since 2015.

I was looking for some of my old friends from Askville, who were trying to get me to join in 2013 with Askville’s demise.

I would have joined in 2013 but was emailing someone back and forth for about two years,

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August of this year will be the 10th anniversary, of my concoction by another flutheroid. ;-o

The addled pate of this elderly jelly needed an outlet for its more impulsive, less thoughtful, and offensive remarks.

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Hmmm…that would be telling!

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