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Are you already preparing for post-pandemic life?

Asked by JLoon (6100points) March 19th, 2021
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Do you remember how to smile and shake hands? Can you ditch Zoom meetings without harmful side effects? Will your pets finally get off drugs?

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I am sending out the orgy invitations tomorrow.

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@Hawaii_Jake – Send mine now ;p

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I don’t know about any of that, but I am not giving up MY drugs :p

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I was starting to, but now the South African variant might screw it all up. I’m loathe to mention the country name, but it’s impossible to keep all of the numbers straight. Maybe if they simply called them V1, V2.

My brain can’t deal with the vaccine not working against the variant.

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I was sort of hermitty before, I have perfected the technique.
But for you, @Hawaii_Jake, I will break protocol. I’ll be watching my mail!!!

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I was already a socially isolated germaphobe before C19, so I was basically prepared before the plague.

I’ll talk to my wife about dining indoors once I’m fully vaccinated.

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I didn’t realize how much of a hugger I was until the pandemic. I’m not sure when (or if) hugging will return, but I’m preparing to hug my friends and family excessively. Need to work on a hugging exercise routine to prepare.

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I hope the opportunity to join meetings via Zoom still is with us in the future.

Right now I’m working only a few days in the office and that will likely end in the next few months. I am seriously considering retiring. Not saying I’m going to be retired forever, but for the time being, it’s an option that’s on the table so I’m thinking about it.

I think for the near future, and maybe far off into the future, I won’t be comfortable standing close to strangers in any public setting.

I really like the doctor and and my daughter’s orthodontist having the patient stay in the car and call up to say they’ve arrived, and then the office calls when they’re ready for the patient. With the orthodontist, I stay in the car while my daughter goes in and then when she comes out, they call to discuss what’s going on and make a new appointment. I dislike all the parents and kids being packed into the orthodontist’s office, waiting. The new way is so nice and leisurely, and most important, efficient.

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I guess? Right now I’m just wondering if wearing my mask outside will protect me from all the pollen that’s starting up. Because for some reason, every spring I forget how bad my allergies were of the year before.

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