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What is the scariest Minecraft seed?

Asked by KRD (5259points) March 22nd, 2021
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I want to find the scariest Minecraft seed out there to play on. Do you know what the scariest seed for Minecraft is?

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Since there are unlimited numbers of Minecraft seeds, no one knows what the scariest Minecraft seed is. That fact does not seem to stop people posting articles claiming to know the scariest Minecraft seeds, though. I guess it’s become a colloquial expression to exaggerate and/or not understand what a superlative is.

Anyway, it seems to me that these are pretty scary, especially if you are in survival mode:


Found at:

Of course, one of the things about Minecraft is that updates to it, or possibly to Java, or playing on a different platform (computer, phone, console) may mean the world generates differently for the same seed, possibly changing what a seed world is like entirely.

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Ah… I tested these and, as I suspected, things have changed. With the current version 1.16.5, those seeds don’t do what they used to do.

Relentlous isn’t scary but is pretty cool at the start. There’s a lava fall that starts pouring down a cliff near you when you start, and it lands in water, so you’ll get obsidian right away. Climbing the nearby mountain gives you a nice view of the surrounding mountains, which look enticing, one with a funny large boulder balanced on top of a spire.

12647 is pretty cool too. You start on an island with a tall cliff you can climb up and get a good view of the nearby islands and the underwater plants all around.

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Trying some seeds from later articles, it looks to me like even seeds from 1.14 won’t work, so one needs to find seeds for the version one has, or figure out how to get an older version working to match the seed, at least long enough to generate it.

-4589128118707775879 Looks like it used to be awesome, with a forest mansion nearby. In the current version I saw none, but there was a village and some giant mushrooms nearby.

Here is a link with more recent seeds, but its idea of what’s scary is pretty tame compared to the older ones.

Ah, and I did find one nice creepy one that works: -1895633766085719173 This one starts out with a village and a giant forest mansion, and giant mushrooms. I got it from here:

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