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How do I make baked hush puppies light and crunchy?

Asked by LongSleevesssowo (45points) March 26th, 2021
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Tomorrow I’ll be making gumbo with hush puppies as a side dish. I wish to bake half though since my mother’s cholesterol is high and she prefers to stay away from fried foods. I found a recipe on, but after reading the comments it seems like the recipe doesn’t have the same consistency as fried hush puppies. Other recipes online didn’t have a better rating and I’ve never had or made hush puppies before considering that I’m still 14, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips to make baked hush puppies have a more light and crunchy texture similar to fried hush puppies? Thank you in advance! ^^

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I’ve never heard of baking hush puppies. But I found a secret to making crispy chicken wings in the oven (as opposed to frying them). When you make the puppies into balls, before you put them into the oven, put a little baking powder on them (baking powder, not baking soda!)

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