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Do you believe the full election audit conducted by Missoula County in Montana?

Asked by crazyguy (3207points) March 30th, 2021
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Missoula County in Montana has conducted the first and only ‘review and recount’ of all mail-in ballots (the only kind allowed in that county). See

Montana is a small state and was never considered important to the 2020 Presidential race. However, the audit found about about 7% of the votes cast had problems.

1. The number of votes tallied was 6% higher than the number of envelopes found.
2. Many votes counted (no exact number was provided) had issues like missing signatures.

If similar results are obtained in more populous counties and states, the election results could be affected.

What do you think?

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The story was written by RealClearInvestigations, a right-wing pro-Trump site, so I don’t trust the bias of the site to report about the investigation with impartial intelligence. And I do not find the issue compelling enough to make time to do further investigation.

My tendency is to think that there may have been some issues of some sort with procedures in that county, possibly having to do with how they stored their materials after the first count, since it sounds like the issue had to due with the number of envelopes found by the audit. That sounds more like mistakes and sloppiness than a conspiracy to me, particularly because it would not be worth the effort to mount a conspiratorial election fraud attempt in that county.

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You sir…ahh, you know the rest.

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@Zaku My whole point in posing this question was that this was the first instance of a recount of all ballots after they had been verified as well as possible. You may recall that such efforts were barred in almost every other place. You are saying that there were issues of some sort with procedures in that county, possibly having to do with how they stored their materials after the first count, with the implication that this issue is confined to Missoula County.

I have two comments to that:

1. If the issue was confined to just one small county, what were the chances of picking that county for the recount?
2. We are not talking about a herculean effort to tally the number of envelopes to the number of ballots. Why is that not done in a few random counties to put the question to rest?

Last but not least, given the massive effort by Democrats to oppose the Georgia election reforms, including the first haul of 4 PINOCCHIOS for Biden, do you at least wonder why the Democrats are so deathly afraid of voter IDs, the same IDs that are required for:

1. Renting a car.
2. Booking a flight and/or hotel.
3. Boarding a flight.
4. Applying for any state license.

etc. etc.

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