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Why would American Airlines criticize the Texas voting restrictions bill?

Asked by LostInParadise (29142points) April 2nd, 2021
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No matter how they feel on this issue, corporate executives have to focus on the bottom line. Are they really expressing their feeling, or do they think that their stance will make their airline more attractive to the public?

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Pure and basic virtue signalling. Whenever a company, any company, small or big, publically purports to support left leaning social or political causes, it is a lie. Nothing more than PR.

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It’s true that it is a marketing decision but significant that the companies, including those in Georgia, are seeing that their consumers align more with the minorities and progressive voters than the repressive Republicans.

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If you want to see what companies really support, look at their lobbying efforts, and recipients of political ‘donations’.

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”,,...corporate executives have to focus on the bottom line..

That isn’t completely true. Corporations have an obligation to be socially responsible. It is inherent in the limited liability that society grants to Corporations that they in turn must obey the law.

Corporate Executives have a number of stakeholders to consider: the community in which they are domiciled and also their employees, Because of that, attempts to restrict the rights of people to exercise the franchise is harmful to American Airlines employees and the citizens of Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Like “noblesse oblige”. Fucking LOL.

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I find it interesting corporations are commenting at all. American Airlines services the Americas in large fashion, and they hub in NY, Chicago, Miami, and DFW, and so a significant part of their clientele are Democrats, with Miami and Dallas being a little bit odd politically, but the people riding the flights might be more likely Democrats.

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@zenvelo I love you but “Corporations have an obligation to be socially responsible.”
Buahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (wipes my eyes)

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^ I think he was being sarcastic.

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The main obligation of any corporation is to maximize profits for the investors (stockholders). Any statement to the contrary is P R designed to enhance the ability of a corporation to maximize said returns.

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@zenvelo It is inherent in the limited liability that society grants to Corporations that they in turn must obey the law.

Or they may see any fines or sanctions as “cost of doing business”.

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For a rich person, “illegal with a fine” means “legal for a fee”.
Like Jeff Bezos’ 16000 dollars in parking tickets

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