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Anyone who is famous that was born in your hometown?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) April 7th, 2021
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Current population: 75k.

James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) – was born in British Columbia, Canada, but grew up in my hometown.

Colonel Chris Hadfield – astronaut and once commander of the International Space Station was born and raised in my hometown. He grew up a few miles from where I am now.

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The Boss (Bruce Springsteen)
Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholsen
Count Basie

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When I was very young I lived in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, and Ricky Lake the actress and talk show host grew up there.

The rest of my growing up, and where I most identify with, was Montgomery Village, MD, and Mark Bryan from Hootie and the Blowfish grew up there. I knew him, we went to the same schools for elementary and jr. high, and we went to the same pool in the summer time with our friends.

Julie Swetnick, who gave a statement about Justice Kavanaugh and his antics when he was a teenager, also grew up in Montgomery Village. Three of my classmates/friends were neighbors of hers, she was a few years ahead of us. I knew her more in passing. They lived just a ten minute walk from me in a close by subdivision. Montgomery Village is in Montgomery County, which is where Justice Kavanaugh is from.

If we include the county there is a huge list where I am from. Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Scott Van Pelt, and Joan Jett to name a few. Joan was not born there, but she graduated from high school in my county.

Oh, Auggie and I grew up in Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg (at he time Montgomery Village was within Gaithersburg city limit, but then eventually MV got it’s own zip code and when addressing an envelope instead of writing Gaithersburg, it was changed to writing Montgomery Village). We both went to Gaithersburg High School. I consider her famous by jelly standards.

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I was born in Toronto, Canada.

Using,%20Ontario,%20Canada&ref_=nm_ov_bth_place I found:

Catherine O’Hara
Sarah Levy
Christopher Plummer
Will Arnett
Dave Foley
Michael Ironside
David Cronenberg
Corey Haim
Sarah Polley
John Candy
Rick Moranis
Gloria Reuben


I can’t believe that you omitted Bud Abbott & Bam Bam Bigelow! ;-0

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A lot of famous people have resided here, but none were born or grew up here. I was actually born in Las Vegas, but don’t consider it my hometown since I moved from there at such a young age. (But even Vegas has the same problem: plenty of famous residents, but none who were born or grew up there. At least none I recognized looking through a list).

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Only Johannes Vermeer, Hugo Grotius, and Anthony van Leeuwenhoek.

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@rebbel Ok Wiseguy – you trump (not in a bad way) us newbie country folk!

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@Brian1946 Well, you learn something new – or again – every day. Forgot about Bud Abbott but regrettably, I cannot lay claim to Bam Bam Bigelow. South Jersey is a whole ‘nother country.

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Drummer Gene Krupa, DMX, Mary J. Blige, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. JFK lived for several years in the town I lived in when I was in elementary school. I was born in Manhattan and there are many famous people from Manhattan, too many to list.

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@janbb Danny DeVito is also nice!

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I graduated with Kathy Mattea, a country singer that was pretty famous for a bit.

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Ted Bundy, Ben and Jerry, Orson Bean, Billy Kidd (world champion and Olympic skier), Bernie Sanders

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@smudges Wasn’t Bernie born in Brooklyn?

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I don’t know where he was born…I looked up famous people from Burlington VT and he came up.

Edit: He was born in Brooklyn, moved to VT in the 60’s, after college.

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Tony Hawk.
Shaun White?

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Too many to name.

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Pop Warner.

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