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Who just loaded up 20,000 lurve in his truck? Check it out! It's SQUEEKY2!

Asked by kritiper (21052points) April 7th, 2021
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Another 20,000 lurver in the mansion!

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Congrats @SQUEEKY2!

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Well done, well done! See you at the mansion for your celebration!

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Congratulations Kanuck, I hope all your dreams come true with Biden.

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Congrats! Is there a truck garage in the mansion?

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I was trying to call you on your cell phone to congratulate you but you wouldn’t pick up! Guess you were driving. :-)

Anyway, congrats on the 20K and welcome to the mansion!

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He just “squeeked” by to get in the mansion.
Congratulations on your 20k which is quite an accomplishment now days!
Party is in full swing by the pool. Be sure not to jump in with your cell phone in your pocket.

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Wow! I guess the old saying is true: The Squeeky wheel does get the Lurve!
Congrats on the well deserved 20k!
It is always fun to hear a professional’s take on driving practices.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”—Lewis Carroll.
I think I’ll go for a celebratory drive now.

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Thanks guys, just enjoying my new job I got rid of twenty wheels down to ten I work on a mine site for a private contractor now,and safety is name of the game ,I don’t have to deal with D.O.T, construction,tourists, and I get winters off perfect old man job.

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20Kongrats to a fellow Canuck!

How many axles on your latest rig? 3?
Is it by any chance a Terex Titan?

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Just three, I drive either a water truck for dust suppression, or a regular size gravel truck.

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Congratulations SQUEEKY2

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Nice goin squeek. You do us proud.

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Congratulations @SQUEEKY2! Great news on the new job, too! Is it a diamond mine? Any diamonds laying around in the dirt, I’ll pm you my address and you can send me some in the mail!

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Good going and keep on truckin’

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Congo rats! 20k shows you are appreciated here!

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20Kongratulations @SQUEEKY2 and congratulations on the new job.

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@SQUEEKY2 I can use about 20 yards of overburden or tailings but I’d be happy with a standard 16 yd load, if you have any extra, of course. Keep it in mind if you ever visit here. :-)

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@SQUEEKY2 let us know when you hit 30k.

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Aw-w-ri-i-ight @SQUEEKY2!!

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Since this is all about Squeeky2, I have to ask, who was Squeeky1?

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Maybe a ancestor of @SQUEEKY2? ^

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Late again! Still, well-done SQUEEKY, here’s wishing you more smooth driving. Oh, and friendly regards to MRS. SQUEEKY! Enjoy the view from the Mansion.

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All the best to you, my friend, and please give our love to Mrs. Squeeky.

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Two weeks late for this party but hey it’s the thought that counts! CONGRATS!!!!!!

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Seriously late to this. Congrats!

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Better late than never!

Kongo Ratz and Hot Cheetos!

I mean burritos!

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