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So, how is the collective doing these days?

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) April 10th, 2021
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Hey all, so once again I remembered you guys over here with the news of yahoo answers shutting down.

I used to be very active here and fell out of it, and tried to get
back into the habit a couple times but never quite managed, but this place still holds fond memories for me.

How is the community doing? I saw that the blog is non existent now, so no updates there, but I know we’ve had dedicated people maintain the site this whole time.

Not having ads or anything, I’m hoping it’s not in any sort of a bind in terms of continuing on, I’m guessing the amount of spam bots are as active as ever keeping you guys busy.

Anyhow, who knows, maybe this time around I’ll actually manage to stick around for more than a week.

edit: wow, I didn’t really think about it but I joined back in 2009, damn. Wish I could go back, there’s a lot of stuff I’d do differently in my life if I knew what I did now back then, but that’s for another time.

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Many have left; a few dozen, it seems, are around regularly, with a few reappearances, dissapearances, alter egos and newbies along the way.

Most of us are respectful enough, though some disagreements are deep and have been going on for years, but generally, we’re all still here because we like/tolerate each other at least enough to learn from each other.

Also, people rarely check meta for some reason.

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The site is managing. We have a small group of regulars. I estimate there are about 40. There are another 10 who pop in from time to time.

We do a good job of answering questions that require specific information. Occasionally the questions are too far outside what we’re able to answer.

We’ve done a remarkably good job of giving solid guidance about the pandemic thanks to one doctor and some intrepid researchers.

We are a real community. One jelly had a death in the family earlier this year, and the group has rallied around the survivor admirably.

We get a few new members. At least one has become a regular. It’s nice to see.

If we get a large influx from the shut down you mentioned, we will need more mods. Ours can handle the level of work at present, but they will be sorely taxed if we have a flood of new users.

It’s good to see you.


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Feels fairly harmonious lately. It’s certainly been nice during Covid to have a group or two online to talk to. Much nicer vibe with Biden in office, too. :)

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We limp along.

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Hello @XOIIO ! Welcome back, stay awhile.

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Hey @XOIIO ! It is good to see your smiling X, O, and I s.
Are you still experimenting?
I am! :-)

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Hi! Don’t know if we ever crossed paths, but I do recognize your ‘stagename’; maybe through reading old posts. Anyhoooo…welcome back. Have a seat on the porch and put your feet up awhile.

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@LuckyGuy Yup, still lots of tinkering and projects, I segmented that stuff off onto a different youtube channel and amassed a massive gasp 792 subscribers in four or five years.

Aside from that stuck in a dead end fairly crappy job that hasn’t been affected by covid, so yay I’m busy and getting paid I guess, but also working in public areas daily, and vaccines aren’t available to those under 60 here right now.

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I think the mansion is due for an expansion!

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I’m working hard to go to that 20k mansion but I’m so close to 1k.

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@KRD Ask and answer more questions!

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I just passed my dozenth anniversary, and happy to be here

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