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If you joined fluther in 2021: how did you find fluther?

Asked by JLeslie (61536points) April 13th, 2021
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Did someone tell you about it?

Did you come from another Q&A site?

Where do you live? You can be specific to a city or as broad as a country or continent.

Share some of your background and interests.


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Good luck having them find meta first ;-)

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@rebell I know. I almost never check meta. That’s one reason I don’t like the 3 categories split up.

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There are so few questions these days; I find it really easy to flip through all three. Still, a newbie might not.

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I think a lot of jellies who have been here a long time never check meta. It was mentioned on another Q a couple of months ago.

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@JLllllesllllie Maybe word it a little bit differently and ask away in social?

Just kidding with all the lll’s, but by now you should know how to spell my moniker, or not ;-)

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LOL. :) Sorry for the spelling. I was on my phone, and wasn’t paying attention well.

I can’t put it in social because the mods and the jellies who are fussy about things being done the right way would for sure not let it slide. They will probably flag what I wrote here because I used an LOL and :).

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A friend was a jelly here, and she urged me to join.

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Maybe back down the date a bit? To 2020? That would increase our chance.

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oops. Sorry. Didn’t see the 2021 limitation.

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Kinda funny that all responses so far have been from pre-‘21 people. Come out and play, newbies!

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@bob_: Donde esta newbies? LOL

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I asked this Q, because I’ve seen a lot of new jellies the last few months.

I guess I need to write down their names and send the Q to them.

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I was looking up something in Google and a result was Fluther and sometime later I joined.

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@KRD Welcome! Are you on any other Q&A sites?

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Just Fluther.

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@KRD What did you google when you found this site?

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I was looking up how to deal with friends moving and I came across Fluther.

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I kind of heard a familiar echo ;-}

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Well, i did a search for both opensource and social Q&A sites. Soon I realized opensource was only or primary about software (doh) so that narrowed the search a lot.
In the past, I was active on Quora, now in for a fresh platform. seems to be a bunch of kids so I started a new search. Out of five, I try my luck here first.

Nation: the Netherlands, province the old Zeeland lol. 43, male.
Interests and insights on: psychology, communication, relationships and sexuality. Also geopolitics, military, science, history and energy provision have my interest.

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@Cornelis1977 Welcome to Fluther! We have another member from the Netherlands and have had a few others in the past.

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