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Why most people first work full-time, then want to be stay-at-home for their kids?

Asked by luigirovatti (2363points) April 18th, 2021
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Or at least, don’t work full-time. It’s a strange life.

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What are you asking?

Why do humans have a desire to raise their children? Is that what you’re asking?

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@hello321: I should’ve explained myself better. I’m asking why the people when they’re young don’t understand soon enough they might have to abandon their job when they have a family?

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First of all, not everyone does. But those that choose – and have the means – to have one parent stay home with the young children are generally aware that they will do what it takes to raise their children.

Are you asking…wait, what are you asking exactly?

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To spend more time with there kids.

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“Everybody is not everybody”

- – in the opinion of OP.

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@luigirovatti The answer is that every situation is different. Not every parent has a spouse or partner that can earn enough money to support the whole family while the other partner stays at home in the housewife/househusband role.

Some parents do not have a partner for a wide variety of reasons: divorce, death, casual relationship, adopted, etc. Very few can afford to not work while bringing up a child in a healthy environment. Government assistance only goes so far. Even if child support is available, it only covers the child, not the guardian, thus the necessity to work.

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Some people work full time to earn and save enough money so one person can stay at home once they have children.

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Priorities and responsibilities change throughout most people’s lives. Also, most folks only plan and anticipate so far in advance. Some are better at planning ahead than others. Plus, life can be unpredictable.

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We have many stay at home moms and a few dads. It’s considered a privelage to raise your kids until school kicks in.
Some of my best friends go back to work when the kids are older. The men fully support it here, too, and feel proud they can provide a few years of one income to facilitate it.
I’m wondering if you’re asking what the value is for a parent to be home with young kids?

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Because people don’t get married and have children at age 19 anymore in the USA. Not typically anyway.

People graduate either high school or college, have some independence, work, establish themselves a little, get married, save, and then if they are lucky, they can afford to have one parent stay home with their babies if they want to.

Most girls as they are growing up are told to be financially independent from their husbands, so that is their focus initially in adulthood.

Now, that more jobs can be done at home it might change the dynamic. Maybe more women will keep working when they would have taken a break from work 20 years ago.

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Because life is not only about career and money. Family life is important too. Why have kids for them to be raised by someone else? A daycare or nanny can never love or raise your child better than you. How about if we just make working part time the norm? In many Nordic countries like Norway , Sweden and Denmark it is legally allowed to work part time at all levels of society. It is people that work full time are the weird ones. Why do you think something is wrong with you if you do not want to be a slave to corporate society?

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