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Should I quit?

Asked by Thuyle265 (101points) April 24th, 2021
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So right now I am working as a dietary aide in a nursing home. In the beginning of the job, i got bully by an older lady and one of the co worker was nice enough to stand up for me and help me with the situation. i saw her as a nice person because she was always ready to help me and somehow buy me things out of no where. But now recently it seems like her true colors came out and i found out that she hated me all this time and only help out to talk shit about me. This place has been stressful and toxic for me to work in and i told my supervisor I want to quit. He want me to stay and make the workplace better for me, but I don’t feel like anything will get better. Btw these ladies are in their 60s and im the youngest one in my late 20s and theres a cultural difference because im mixed while theyre Filipino so they’re racist as well.

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Since you are so young, I would find another job and then quit. Life is too short to put up with bullying and being treated as a second class citizen. Some people just have to have someone to pick on or bully. You don’t need that.

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Yeah i think its time to move on from the work environment

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Fold up your tent and move to another job.

Welcome to Fluther.

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@Thuyle265 welcome to fluther. I agree with @Tropical_Willie

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Move on and tell them stuff it…they’re assholes.

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Thank you for the advice, I also receive sexual harassment from my supervisor so it makes my work environment weird as well

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I’m agreeing with the earlier opinions. If you’re a dietitian, you have marketable skills and can be hired elsewhere. Find a new position and quit without fanfare. Life’s too short to tolerate workplace abuse.

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I think I’d probably fully report everything that happened, and start looking for a better place to work, but not necessarily quit the current job until there’s a better-looking new offer. Unless it gets intolerable.

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Definitely find another job, then quit. Don’t be tempted by a last-minute raise.

I was in a similar situation just before I got married. I was 20-something working in a group of 60-somethings. They were nice people, but guess who got stuck with all the dirty work? Quitting was not easy because there were no jobs in my field in that area. So quitting meant moving. It was my wife’s push that finally got me to take some action.

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